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Supplier Spotlight: Mark Henry

Mois Medine, the founder of Mark Henry, embarked on a pioneering journey over 25 years ago, introducing natural Brazilian alexandrite to the United States. He became the foremost provider of top-quality alexandrite. He later expanded the Mark Henry collection to include Paraíba tourmaline, royal blue moonstone, and other exquisite gemstones.

Today, Mark Henry’s portfolio has grown to include sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. Their focus remains on precious and rare gemstone jewelry and partnering with retailers to help develop this high-potential category in their stores.

Mark Henry has a saying, “A diamond wishes!” Kristen Scheibel, Vice President, Sales, at Mark Henry, explains the meaning behind this adage.

“Fashion influencer and author Leandra Medine Cohen had stopped by our showroom to check out some of our latest pieces. As she was trying on an exceptional Paraíba ring, she looked down at her hand and said, ‘A diamond wishes!’ That moment naturally and perfectly captured the magic of the precious and rare gemstones we use in our jewelry, so it stuck!”

Mark Henry is very proud of their alexandrite jewelry legacy. “It is the cornerstone and the spirit of our brand,” remarks Kristen. “One niche within that category that we’ve gotten a lot of praise for lately is our collection of line bracelets. It’s quite a feat to be able to showcase perfectly matched Brazilian alexandrite in small sizes for line bracelets…and each one shows the same phenomenal quality color change as the center stones in our larger rings. As one AGS retailer commented to us at the Couture show: ‘That is a very bold endeavor—not many can do this!’”

Joining the American Gem Society (AGS) has put Mark Henry in the company of retailers and fellow vendors who are just as passionate about the world of colored gemstone jewelry and gemstone education as they are.

“Louisville was our first Conclave and we are looking forward to Austin! The Supplier Showcase is an especially unique and dynamic way to connect with store teams,” remarks Kristen.

When it comes to colored gemstones, Mark Henry has seen blues and greens trending with no signs of slowing down. Kristen adds, “We’re also seeing a lot of focus on specialty cuts and unique shapes. We love using those in one-of-a-kind pieces! Other trends gaining momentum in our category are bigger, bolder looks and a resurgence of white gold.”

Kristen shares that this fall, Mark Henry launched a series of pop-up trunk shows, which have been successful. “It allows our retail partners to show their clients some special, one-of-a-kind styles and generate interest in collector pieces.”

Mark Henry will offer their pop-up trunk shows again starting in February 2024. Kristen continues, “We love to collaborate with our retailers on events and programs curated for their specific needs in their local market.”

Learn more about Mark Henry at

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