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Simplify Sourcing with AGS Retailer SourceHub

Have you used our new feature in the members-only Facebook group, the AGS Retailer SourceHub chat?

The chat serves as a channel for retailers who need to source products and services. It is designed to streamline retailers’ sourcing needs and enhance connections within our trusted community. Just as AGS retailers work hard to exceed their clients’ expectations, so do AGS Vendor members (Supplier and Sustaining firms). If you are a retailer, you can feel confident that these members have been extensively vetted for membership, like you have, which in turn saves you time and money.

How to Use the Retailer SourceHub:
  • To get started, click on the Retailer SourceHub chat within the AGS members-only Facebook group.
  • Retailers, post your sourcing needs: You can directly request products, services, or solutions relevant to your business. Skip the cumbersome vetting process and connect with AGS Vendor members promptly.
  • Vendors, we kindly request that you help us maintain a clear chat by responding to retailers if you have the capacity to meet their sourcing needs. If you’d like to introduce yourself or share a product image, we’d appreciate it if you could do so in the main group rather than the chat.
  • Keep it in the AGS community! Please only refer to AGS members in the chat so our retail and vendor members can better connect and work with each other.

Finding the Chat:

Click here to join the members-only Facebook group. Once inside, look for the chat:

  1. Viewing on a desktop? Look to the far right of the screen for the side tab marked “Chats.”
  2. For mobile phone viewing, look for the tab near the top third of the screen.
  3. The AGS Retailer SourceHub is more than just a chat; it’s a dynamic tool to enhance your business connections within the AGS community. Join us in fostering efficient and effective interactions and explore a world of opportunities.

Retailers, join the Retailer SourceHub to help you with your sourcing needs. Vendor members, join to help AGS Retailers fulfill their product and service needs. Happy connecting!