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Supplier Spotlight: Malka New York

Steven Gad, CEO of Malka New York, named his company as a tribute to his mother, Malka. She is one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable, as are the remarkable fluorescing diamonds featured in their designs.

“Fluorescent diamonds have always fascinated me. They had a very compelling story and are extremely rare. There is an incredible ‘wow’ factor to them,” says Steven.

The challenge was how can they create an experience for the consumer to see this phenomenon? To address this, they developed jewelry designs that highlighted fluorescence and tools for retailers to assist in creating this experience with their customers.

Some of their latest design trends include using small fluorescent diamonds to create messages or initials in jewelry. “Our goal is to create jewelry that is meaningful for consumers.” Steven adds,” For example, if someone wants to wear the initial of a loved one, they could do so without broadcasting it to the world. Fluorescent diamonds are available in all shapes and sizes, so yes, the possibilities are endless!”

Steven continues, “There is no doubt that community members are familiar with diamonds that fluoresce blue. This is magical in and of itself, but the other fluorescent colors, like yellow, orange, and green, create an even more captivating experience for clients.”

Like many professionals in the jewelry industry, Steven Gad began his career working alongside his family. In 1997, he founded Finesse Diamonds, and in 1998, he invented and patented a special cut diamond called The Eighty-Eight®: an octagon-shaped diamond with 88 facets for maximum brilliance.

Additionally, the Eighty-Eight® diamond had a unique story to tell. “The number eight is considered auspicious in Asian culture, and people go to great lengths to ensure they have it in their lives,” explains Steven.

In 2006, Finesse Diamonds became a DeBeers sight holder. In addition, Finesse opened a diamond polishing factory in Namibia, where he trained local laborers in diamond cutting with the diamonds he received from DeBeers.

To learn more about Malka New York, visit

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