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Supplier Spotlight: M. Geller Diamonds

Marc Geller founded Chicago-based M. Geller Diamonds, a special-order memo house, in 1984 on the principles of service, choice, and unbiased diamond expertise. With that mission and focus, he developed a unique supply network to aggregate deep inventories available at a single point of contact.

“This inventory model empowered retailers to streamline their search, relying on our team to hand select relevant diamonds for each call, providing honest feedback about each stone to help maximize sales,” says Zach Grosser, Vice President of Sales & Sourcing at M. Geller.

M. Geller’s progressive stance and desire to offer variety led them to become one of the first special order memo houses to adopt laboratory-grown diamonds over 10 years ago.

Zach GrosserVice President of Sales & SourcingM. Geller Diamonds
Zach Grosser
Vice President of Sales & Sourcing
M. Geller Diamonds

Zach explains, “The success of this approach has enabled M. Geller to provide more inventory at better prices, creating the largest single source of mined and lab-grown diamonds. With an average daily stone count of 55,000 natural, natural fancy color, lab-grown, and fancy color lab-grown diamonds.”

Their unique model and service have resonated with independent jewelers and multi-store retailers who have demanding special-order business.

“We do the legwork, freeing up the store’s valuable time and reducing the need for an internal diamond staff,” Zack continues, “Our core tenants of service and choice benefit every retailer regardless of the size as we know time and consistency are the most important assets to any business.”

While M. Geller’s core business is special order loose memo, one of their key diamond partners has pioneered a uniquely-styled luxury laboratory-grown diamond line made in the Ukraine by a progressive, all-women team called Solo for Diamonds.

Zack adds, “Each product is SCS certified, meaning it will come with a third-party certificate that analyzes the product’s environmental impact and what was done to mitigate it.

“The most exciting and innovative aspect of the Solo for Diamonds line is its use of proprietary bio-resin shanks made from cellulose and carbon. While lightweight, it has incredibly high tensile strength, so much so that the technology has been licensed to aviation companies for wing construction.

“The contrast between the vibrantly colored resin and the fancy color or white diamond center creates a dynamic statement piece that differentiates the wearer and the retailer. This collection is bolstered by unique gold pieces, such as drilled, suspended diamond pendants, that recontextualize how we interact with jewelry.”

As a company that offers natural and lab-grown diamonds, Zach shares how M. Geller educates consumers on the difference between the two and the factors they emphasize when talking to their clients about both.

“M. Geller’s mission is to provide customers with choice and unbiased, impeccable service for all the products we support. Our goal is to provide detailed knowledge and expertise in both natural and lab-grown diamonds. Offering lab-grown is not about converting a natural customer, or vice versa, but responding to the unique values of today’s consumer.

“We share our knowledge and experience of lab-grown through provocative brand values, whether it be As Grown, or social values like SCS certification, women empowerment, and community investment. Equally, we believe it is important to educate about the important values of natural diamonds and working with trusted sources to provide a clear understanding of natural diamonds added values.

“Value is a personal choice based on the preferences of the consumer, whether it be natural or lab-grown, and price is only one factor. Price, however, can make or break a sale, and everyone’s budget is different.

“Ultimately, it comes to us educating retailers, and what we would recommend presenting to your clients is to make the decision that is right for them. Both natural and lab-grown diamonds have compelling stories that will resonate with different customers that now widen the choices for the consumer as well as potential market for the retailer. Jewelry and diamonds are an emotional purchase, and it is our job to help customers realize their aspirations, whether it be natural or lab-grown.”

The Team at M. Geller Diamonds
The Team at M. Geller Diamonds

M. Geller holds education in high esteem. They’re a progressive company that seeks challenges as it embraces innovation. As such, Zach has this to say about the American Gem Society’s (AGS) Conclave and the event’s educational opportunities.

“Conclave affords us the privilege to learn from some of the sharpest minds in the industry and contribute to our own expertise. We take our role as a diamond memo partner seriously, which means we are not merely taking orders, but educating customers to find the right diamond every time. Whether it be about the technical side of lab-grown, GIA’s new finding about diamond fluorescence, or simply the state of the industry, we know that we can advance our mission at Conclave.

“This is furthered by the opportunity to network and learn from the esteemed membership of AGS, supplier and retailer alike. It is truly a unique opportunity to build symbiotic relationships that can last lifetimes if not generations.”

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