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Supplier Spotlight: Jorge Adeler

Jorge Adeler, along with his wife, Graciela, and his two daughters, Valentina and Wendy, moved from Argentina to the United States in 1973. With a passion for colored gemstones, honed by his background and travels through South America, Jorge and Graciela opened Adeler Jewelers in 1975.

Through the years, he has developed a reputation for creative and exquisite design showcasing unique stones, exotic pearls and ancient coins in one-of-a-kind pieces. With this growing reputation, they decided to launch their wholesale collection. Careful partnerships were made with retailers who share their love of unique and exquisite one-of-a-kind pieces that showcase the gems, pearls and authentic ancient coins that have become the hallmark of the brand, Jorge Adeler.

Adeler Family

Jorge has learned a lot throughout his journey and he offered a few words of advice for those who aspire to become designers. “Don’t focus on what is fashionable or chase the trends. Stay true to what is YOUR design aesthetic and what is in your heart. Be yourself and work hard,” says Adeler.

We asked Jorge what he wants people to feel when they wear his designs. He replied, “I want them to feel an instant connection to their soul.  When they go to their jewelry boxes to complete their ensemble for the day, I want them to immediately grab their Jorge Adeler piece because that is what makes them feel complete and comfortable.  It should fit their lifestyle as well as feed their emotions.”

For over 40 years, Jorge has traveled the world in search of treasures. During his search, he discovered the finest sources for gemstones, pearls, and authentic ancient & shipwreck coins.

“On the island of Palawan (Philippines) I fell in love with the most fantastic sunsets while holding the beautiful golden pearls that I had ever seen in the palm of my hand (from the extraordinary pearl farm of Jacques Branellec and Manuel Cojuangco),” says Jorge. “I used this memory to inspire my design of the SEA collection because I bought every one of them.”

Why do you enjoy your membership with the American Gem Society (AGS)?

“The prestigious distinction that the membership brings allows us to set ourselves apart as among the best in our profession,” says Jorge. “Because of the annual recertification that is required, we feel that we are as current as possible with all of the changing and evolving topics in jewelry.”

Adeler Summer Store
Adeler Summer Store

Visit to learn more and search his collections of pearls, gemstones and more!