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Supplier Spotlight: Bluestone Trading

RB Grampp, Sr., started Bluestone Trading Company in 1978, focusing on the greater Cleveland jewelry industry. As Bluestone grew into an internationally-recognized company, RB realized the importance of supporting the jewelry and pawn industry, and helped found the National Pawn Association as well as Polygon, an online marketplace for gems and jewelry.

“Bluestone is one of the first companies to have a password-protected website where customers can view its entire diamond inventory,” says Morgann Grampp, Diamond Specialist at Bluestone Trading, and RB’s daughter. “Over the decades as innovations have come out, we have always been there as one of the industry leaders, making sure the industry is growing properly.”

In 2020, Bluestone launched their Jewelry Manufacturing Division in order to help businesses keep showcases full of saleable merchandise. Morgann adds, “Along with our popular stud program, we offer consistent quality, accurate grading, and price-point programs for line bracelets, inside-out diamond hoops, diamond-by-the-inch necklaces, and more with beautiful displays included.”

Since they began, Bluestone has offered recycled diamonds and jewelry. “The stones are acquired from large buyouts of store inventories and family estates; larger pieces becoming certified as if new but priced much lower,” explains Morgann. “After delicately removing the diamonds and refining the mountings, we take time to clean, polish, and sort these beauties to save customers time and money.”

Bluestone also carries a large inventory of estate and second-hand jewelry. “People love the story behind a beautiful piece of estate jewelry. It is amazing how well jewelry can stand the test of time!” Morgann continues, “Each piece is unique and beautiful and therefore can’t easily be shopped on the internet. One of our main passions is helping stores grow their businesses and offering estate jewelry helps stores bring something special to the table.”

Good news for AGS members in the Cleveland, Ohio area: Morgann and Bluestone are happy to announce that they are starting the Greater Cleveland Guild!

“Our objective is to support and grow the AGS community in our hometown of Cleveland,” says Morgann. “We have grown our business on the principles of sharing information openly with our customers. We believe in the ‘none of us is as smart as all of us’ mentality and hope to grow our guild to openly share information.”