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Supplier Spotlight: BELLARRI

For over 40 years, BELLARRI® has set the standard for quality and design, creating masterpieces that embody timeless elegance that transcend generations.

“I started as a diamond brokerage, but my passion and love for fashion and design were always my guiding vision,” says Bellarri Adelman, CEO/Designer of BELLARRI. “As a young female entrepreneur in the industry, I worked hard to separate myself from other designers to create a design house built on integrity, details, and cutting techniques.”

When a collector purchases a BELLARRI piece, Bellarri wants them to feel joy each time that piece is worn. “I hope each time they look at their pieces that they feel the same excitement and magic as the first day they acquired the piece. It is a blessing to be able to create heirlooms with which collectors can make memories to pass on to the next generation.”

Bellarri shares that each BELLARRI design is unique and has its own personality and hopes her designs empower women to select and showcase their unique style confidently.

“In fashion, women have predominantly become self-purchasers, and it is important to have depth in the brand that appeals and conforms to every woman’s lifestyle and fashion statement,” Bellarri adds that while jewelry is a universal language, a woman’s sense of style is always her own. “The BELLARRI brand is very versatile, so collections can be mixed and matched to give women the distinct opportunity to shine their own light.”

Her award-winning Circle of Love necklace is one of Bellarri’s most cherished designs.

“It took four months to perfect and build the first prototype, and it took another four months to flawlessly master cut and set the elongated taper baguettes in a convex design,” explains Bellarri. “It is truly a labyrinth in architecture and design. Extremely limited-edition creations; I am very proud that this award-winning design and collection has brought so much beauty and joy to every individual collector who owns pieces from this treasured collection!”

The award-winning Circle of Love takes design and channel setting to a new level with extremely long and tapered blue topaz gemstone baguettes, in a convex setting. The center medallion is detachable and can be worn on pearls, an omega or as a brooch/pin design.

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