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July 21, 2022

Supplier Spotlight: BELLARRI

For over 40 years, BELLARRI® has set the standard for quality and design, creating masterpieces that embody timeless elegance that transcend generations. “I started as a diamond brokerage, but my passion and love for fashion and design were always my guiding vision,” says Bellarri Adelman, CEO/Designer of BELLARRI. “As a young female entrepreneur in the industry, I worked hard to separate myself from other designers to create a design house built on integrity, details, and cutting techniques.” Bellarri Adleman, CEO and Artist of BELLARRI International, pictured with her sketches and renderings of some of her signature collections. When a collector

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3 Common Jewelry Store Thefts and How to Prevent Them

By Jewelers Mutual® Group The number of jewelry thefts reported to the Jewelers’ Security Alliance (JSA) every year remains staggering. According to the most recent JSA annual crime report, crimes committed against jewelers have risen, however, the dollar losses have decreased. While each incident may represent a small dollar amount when compared to other types of crimes, they can add up fast. If you don’t know what type of criminal behavior to be on the lookout for, these crimes will continue to impact your business and bottom line. Keep these three common types of jewelry store theft techniques on your

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Make it Count With the Right Words

In nearly every conversation, we touch on a point of negotiation. This year’s Confluence will help you find the right words to use at the right time for the right results. Join us for this virtual half-day event that provides education and networking opportunities! You’ll hear from four experts who are well-versed in negotiation and sales. Each will provide you with techniques to help you master your negotiation skills. Phil M Jones, Confluence’s opening keynote, has a special message for the AGS community. Take a look at his video! Register for Confluence Confluence is August 22, 2022, from 9:00 a.m.

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