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Supplier Spotlight: ASHI Couture

This year marks ASHI’s 40th year of business! They’re celebrating in a big way with new designs and a new experience for their clients at the LUXURY show in Las Vegas.

“It will be a walk down memory lane as an ode to the past while entering a new decade with a fresh look,” says Paras Pandya, CG, Managing Director at ASHI Couture. “There are so many people to be thankful to and for that have been part of ASHI’s journey, and we’ll be touching on that throughout the year.”

The name “ASHI” is derived from the name “Asha,” which means wish or dream. “This is our grandmother’s name, and she inspired her sons to start a business in this wonderful industry with a small sliver of hope.” Paras continues, “We’ve had a bit of a roundabout journey in the jewelry industry. While most started in India and grew from there, our company was founded in New York, and then grew to other parts of the world. Because of this, we’ve always had a ‘go against the grain’ mindset that keeps us a little ahead of the curve. We’re always tinkering with new manufacturing techniques and even have a few patents under our belt.”

Jewelry is just one part of the overall ASHI world. ASHI has always been a technology-forward company in its approach to business and is now using technology to help its partners improve their business.

Paras adds, “I’m very proud of how deeply our website and analytics serve our independent jewelers. At the end of the day, we want healthy, long-term relationships, and our jewelers have entrusted us with acting to ensure they’re successful.”

ASHI became a member of the American Gem Society (AGS) in 2011. Paras shares what he considers the most valuable advantage of their membership.

“There are so many benefits to being AGS members, but if I had to be succinct, I would use a simple phrase: the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. We work in an industry that is so fragmented. Supply chains are global, yet sourcing is hyper-localized. We don’t work in a system with perfect information. Because of this, the relationships we create and nurture are so much more important, and this is why AGS is so very important. It brings together like-minded individuals from all parts of our industry.”

Visit to learn more about the variety of designs, programs, and services provided by ASHI.