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Supplier Spotlight: Artinian Gems

For 25 years, David Artinian, president of Artinian Gems, and his team have provided retail jewelers with finely cut, one-of-a-kind gemstones to help make their sales a breeze.

“We understand the promotional needs of the retailer and have developed several marketing and event-driven programs that empower sales teams to sell gems and custom design,” says David.

Artinian Gems has adapted to the changing times by offering highly-engaging virtual and in-store gemstone experiences. These events, or “gem parties,” are designed to provide retail jewelers with an opportunity to showcase fine and unique gemstones that can be set into personalized mountings.

David shares some of the benefits that retailers can enjoy by participating in these events:

“Increased customer engagement: The clients love the stories and the fun buying experience. The entire process provides the client with both the excitement of the gem hunt as well as the certainty of knowing that they are working with a highly-trusted source.

“Enhanced marketing: By participating in our events, retail jewelers can leverage our reputation and marketing efforts to promote their own businesses. Artinian Gems offers a complete turn-key event training program. This includes graphics, invitations, video training, scripts, and a detailed timeline of what to do and when to do it. This empowers the retail store’s team to maximize their time to ensure a well-attended event.

“Finally, increased sales: Participating in our events can help retail jewelers increase their sales. By showcasing unique and high-quality gemstones, retail jewelers can attract new customers and increase the perceived value of their store.”

In-store event with Artinian Gems.

In addition to its virtual and in-store events, Artinian Gems has introduced several innovations that can help retail jewelers enhance their business.

David explains, “Artinian Gems offers a live, virtual gemstone studio that allows for a team-selling approach. Customers can select their own gemstones from the turntable. This ensures that gemstone memos have the greatest opportunity to turn into sales. This speeds up the sales process, and money is saved in both time as well as unnecessary shipping costs.”

Recently Artinian Gems launched a new memo program called, The Collection – A window to the vault.

“It includes 14 fine gems on a stylish display along with brochures and a tablet.” David continues, “Customers can purchase right off the display or join the live, virtual gemstone studio through the tablet. The tablet provides a window to the vault. This allows them to view and purchase from thousands of rare and unusual gemstones kept in the Artinian Gems vault.”

David adds, “Fostering strong partnerships with AGS stores is a top priority. Our commitment to working alongside forward-thinking, highly respective, and innovative stores is key.”

Meet the team at Artinian Gems!

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