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Cardholder Discounts Encourage Summer Sales

To help drive your sales during the summer shopping season, we’re giving cardholders the gift of even more purchasing power to use from May through September 15, 2023. Customers will receive a series of coupons for $50 off any in-store purchase of $250 – $499.99 and $100 off any in-store purchase $500 or more when they use their American Gem Society credit card.*

Don’t miss out!
Your store can still reach the next Volume Rebate opportunity. So, remind your customers to use their American Gem Society credit card and redeem their special offers between May through September 15, 2023! For more details about the cardholder coupons, refer to the Coupon Instructions.

Learn more about the AGS credit card program.
If you don’t offer the AGS credit card program but would like to, please call Wells Fargo Retail Services at 1.800.577.5191, Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Central Time for information about the program or to enroll.

*Offer valid only when using the AGS credit card. Coupons may not be combined. After the campaign expires, members will receive coupon reimbursements in full by direct ACH for all valid serial numbers submitted.