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Quote-Worthy Jewelry from American Gem Society’s Members

We often share beautiful images of  American Gem Society members’ jewelry. Today, we wanted to take that a step further and give you a sneak peek into their passion for jewelry, the symbolism it represents, and the way it makes them feel. In some cases, we just wanted to give you a glimpse of their humor, with jewelry as their much-adored punchline.
To achieve all that, we asked these five members to give us a quote about jewelry, along with an image of one of their favorite pieces. Enjoy!

paula Crevoshay
Opal brooch from Paula Crevoshay.


Spinel pendant from Sharon Wei Designs
Pink tourmaline pendant from Sharon Wei Designs.


Moonstone, sapphire, and diamond ring from Omi Privé.


Custom-designed ring from Michaels Jewelers.


Diamond engagement ring by Tacori.

To find some jewelry inspiration of your own, visit your local American Gem Society (AGS) jeweler. Ask your AGS jeweler if they have a personal saying or a favorite quote about jewelry! You can ask them to show you one of the above pieces or something that inspires you and your imagination. Visit