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Proposals Gone Wild

Fact: We are in the middle of Proposal Season. It starts at the beginning of February and runs through March 20th, which happens to be National Proposal Day.
The things you learn from blogs, right?
Being a non-profit in the jewelry industry, the American Gem Society has learned a thing or two from our members about marriage proposals. We watch their social media pages and see the stories they share from their own clients. Some proposals are romantic and heart-felt, some are silly, and sadly, sometimes a proposal will fail. It was the latter class of proposals where we felt we could help, which is why we decided to do our Perfect Proposal Toolkit.
And just to make it fun, we have a contest. One lucky winner will receive a $2,500 gift card to an American Gem Society jeweler in their area.
Already married, or have no prospects for love in sight (at the moment)? That’s okay. You can still enter. We all need jewelry!
We all also need a good laugh, so check out this video of a guy and his dog trying to come up with the best way to pop the question: