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President’s Party 2021 Theme: Country Roads and Texas Nights

Conclave is back and so is the President’s Party. It’s one of the most fun events in the industry and we’re excited to tell you more about this year’s much-anticipated party!

We asked Denise Richards, CGA, the First Lady of AGS (“FLAGS” as her friends call her) to give us the inside scoop on this year’s theme, “Country Roads and Texas Nights.”

You did a very fun countdown on our members-only Facebook group to announce the 2021 President’s Party theme. For those who may have missed it, tell us about the big reveal.

I think everyone is very excited to meet in person again and the President’s Party theme is always something we look forward to. We had to get with Clayton Bromberg, CG, to show us the ropes (GET IT!?), and teach us about bull riding equipment, which many can mistake for items a serial killer might use.

We thought it would be fun to tease the Facebook group with what those items might actually be and it turns out some people have dirty minds! Michael was really gung-ho for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders theme, but I thought it might make some of the men uncomfortable having to dress up in short skirts.

What made you decide on this theme?

When we were presented with the “Texas Nights” theme, there was a mechanical bull on the spec sheet. I emailed the AGS Team immediately saying, “If we don’t have anything else at this party, we NEED to have the mechanical bull!” Luckily there will also be alcohol.

Michael is very proud of his West Virginian heritage and “Country Roads” is one of his favorite tunes, so we decided to add that into the theme. If you don’t already know the famous John Denver lyrics, try to memorize them before the party!

A source of inspiration, Clayton Bromberg, CG!

Have you picked out your costume yet? Can you share with us what you’ll be wearing?

We have not picked out our costumes yet, but think Britney and Justin wearing denim on denim. Jeans are highly recommended if you want to ride the bull. Chaps, cowboy boots, flannel, and vests galore!

For some of us, picking out a great costume for a themed party comes naturally. Then there’s those of us who struggle a bit to pull together an outfit. Any suggestions for those in the latter category?

I always love to see people who interpret the themes differently. For example, John Carter, CGA, normally wears a picture of a U.S. President on a t-shirt. Come however you feel most comfortable, you won’t be turned away! If you’re struggling, we can’t emphasize denim enough.

Denise, you did some splits on the dance floor at the Conclave in Washington D.C. Any chance we will see the FLAGS (First Lady of AGS) give a repeat performance?

Ha-ha! If only Lester (the Conclave photographer) would have been there at that moment. It’s really the only party trick I have, so give me a couple of drinks and I’m good to go! Can a split be performed on a mechanical bull? We’ll see!

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The President’s Party is happening on Tuesday, September 14, 7:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. in the Lonestar Ballroom.

Thank you, AGS Laboratories, for sponsoring this event! We’re looking forward to seeing you there.