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Partner for Protection Movement

Crimes against jewelry businesses continue to surge in 2022. In response, Jewelers Mutual® Group is leading a movement to curb the rise in jewelry crimes. It’s called Partner for Protection.

The movement is a rallying cry, encouraging jewelers to take collective action against crime by staying vigilant in their jewelry community and holding themselves accountable to higher safety and security standards.

By visiting the website at, jewelers can gain additional insights into the crimes impacting the industry and what they can do to increase their business’s security. Jewelers are also encouraged to take the online pledge to:

  • Rethink their security strategy and make safety a top priority for their jewelry business
  • Stay vigilant and follow safety and security best practices
  • Be a leader in getting the message out to their staff, neighbors, and jewelry community

The American Gem Society is proud to be a Partner for Protection. Visit to learn more.