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Quick Ideas for Quirky August Holidays

Monday, July 29, 2019  
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As mentioned in our August Social Media eblast, August 26 is "Dog Day" for the Dog Days of Summer. Show off your store pooch, maybe even have some fun and put a necklace on Fido of Roxy. If you don't have a store dog, share photos of your team's canine companions, and include their human in the photo, wearing jewelry from the store! #DogDay #HappyDogDay #ILoveMyDog #DogsAndDiamonds

More Quirky August Holidays

Here are five more holidays to have some fun with and personalize for your store, followed by some suggested hashtags for each one. There is only one goal with these ideas: create posts that are fun for you and your audience!

August 8: Wear your Mother's Jewelry Day. Take a snapshot of you wearing your mom's jewelry. It can be serious or fun. This is a great opportunity to talk about what heirloom jewelry means to you. #WearYourMothersJewelryDay #MyMothersJewelry #HeirloomJewelry #FamilyJewels

August 13: International Left-Handers Day. Show your left hand some love with jewelry on your left hand, whether it's an engagement ring, or a special ring for one of your other fingers. Or stack up your fingers with bling. #HappyInternationalLeftHandersDay #HolidayforSouthpaws

August 17: I Love my Feet Day. Toe rings. Ankle bracelets. Need we say more? #ILoveMyFeet #ILoveMyFeetDay #HappyILoveMyFeetDay

August 27: Just Because Day. Show off some jewelry, just because. Or give some gift suggestions for Just Because Day. #JustBecause #JustBecauseDay

August 28: Radio Commercials Day. Do you have a local radio ad? Use your social media outlets to let your customers know that you are on the radio, and which channel, then maybe do something fun, like post a link to your Spotify playlist (#Irony) and ask them to share their favorites songs, too. #Radio #Music #Name of your jewelry store #Name of the radio station #Name of your town

As mentioned in the hashtag for Radio Commercial Day, it's always a good idea to do a hashtag for your city, your store, and any other relevant hashtags in your community. Another hashtag that is applicable to any of the above posts: #QuirkyHolidays.

For more quirky August holidays, click here.


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