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May's Holidays

Thursday, April 18, 2019  
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Gold and diamond starburst photo locket, by Gabriel & Co.
Gold and diamond Starburst locket, by Gabriel & Co.

The merry month of May has some notable holidays that make great topics for your social media.

The Month of March: Photo Month

It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Photo Month was created to help us celebrate this means of communication with past and future generations by capturing a moment that can last a lifetime. Have your followers share photos of the moment they received a special piece of jewelry that was purchased from your store. #PhotoMonth

May 4: Star Wars Day

May the 4th be with you! Whether you're a fan of Star Wars or not, this is a day to have some fun on social media. Post some photos of jewelry or gemstones that are "out of this world" or have a celestial design. #StarWarsDay #Maythe4th

May 7: National Teacher Appreciation Day

Teachers play an important role in shaping and educating our children. On this day, let them know how much they are appreciated with a special "Thank You" message. #TeacherAppreciationDay #NationalTeachersDay

May 12: Mother's Day

There are many versions of Mother's Day celebrated worldwide, though the traditions vary. In the United States, Mother's Day celebrates mothers and the important women in our lives with gifts and flowers. #MothersDay

May 18: Armed Forces Day

This day celebrates all branches of the military. President Harry S. Truman led the effort to establish a holiday for citizens to unite and honor our military heroes for their patriotic service in support of the United States of America. #ArmedForcesDay #ArmedForces

May 27: Memorial Day

Originally known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day began in the years following the Civil War, but was not made an official holiday until 1971. Visit our Content Portal to download a Memorial Day meme. #MemorialDay


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