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Retailer Spotlight: Koser Jewelers

Monday, May 7, 2018  
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Koser JewelersThe owners of Koser Jewelers, Randy and Betsy Wolgemuth, have a love story that may seem unreal. Their romance began on April Fool’s Day. No joke! Betsy was the manager of a jewelry store, when in walked Randy. It was love at first sight.

In 1988, the future Mr. & Mrs. Wolgemuth bought Koser Jewelers in 1988 from Earl G. Koser, who began the store in 1952. Koser Jewelers has been proud of their family traditions of providing quality merchandise at competitive prices and personal service to our community.

Koser’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Joshua Fetterolf, RJ, tells the American Gem Society (AGS) more about the company.


AGS: Koser’s tagline, “Speak Without Words.” Can you tell us what that means?

Joshua: We believe that when the ideal gift is selected, the moment of giving and receiving is captured far better in the emotions that are felt than they are in the words that are spoken.

We make enormous efforts to understand the kind of moment that our guest is dreaming of, and then help to prepare him and/or her for maximum impact.


AGS: Can you give us an example of how you use storytelling when speaking with a customer?

Joshua: An example would be when working with the guy who is especially focused on the diamond’s grade, I share with him that my wife—still to this day—does not remember what the specs are on her diamond.

What she does remember is the answer to her question that she asked once she caught her breath and her heart rate slowed down: “Why did you choose this diamond?” My response was simple: “When I compared it to all of the others, it was the most beautiful one and it had to be yours.” Still to this day, she remembers every word of our magical moment.


Koser Jewelers interiorAGS: What kind of experiences do you create for your customers?

Joshua: An experience that is unique, memorable, and impactful.

The jewelry professionals who work here are very aware that their job is not to sell anything. We exist to serve our guests and to be their number one advocate for helping them to create an exceptional moment through the vehicle of jewelry gifting. We do that by asking questions…good questions that have very little to do with gold content or the 4Cs.


AGS: Do you present your customers with an AGS Laboratories Diamond Grading Report?

Joshua: I love AGS Laboratories reports in a sales presentation. We can always proudly point out that AGS Laboratories understands the importance of accurate grading, which is further enhanced by the 0-10 grading scale.

However, the best part is being able to point out the section dedicated to the light performance of the diamond. It further supports our case that the diamond’s beauty is not found within or dictated by the 4Cs categories.


AGS: How has membership with the American Gem Society (AGS) helped Koser Jewlers?

Joshua: Being a member of the AGS allows us to look our guests in the eye and tell them a story about how we’re fighting for them—unlike any other organization. It’s going the extra mile for no reason other than to protect our client.

If we could give advice to new members of the AGS, it would be to connect, connect, connect! The AGS has the most premier members of our industry as its members and it is a wealth of knowledge, experience and insight you can’t find anywhere else.


Hearts On Fire’s 2017 Global Retailer of the YearAGS: Does Koser Jewelers have any news to share?

Joshua: Koser Jewelers was recognized at Hearts On Fire’s 2017 Global Retailer of the Year. We were humbled and blown away by the honor. What’s most exciting is to reflect back on where we came from. We were able to apply my favorite motto, “You’ve got to WANT to do it!”

I’m proud of my team because we made the transition from wishing we could be the team on the stage to making it happen.


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