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Emerging Designer Membership Application

American Gem Society® Education Requirements

In order to best protect the consumer through knowledge and ethics, and maintain membership of the firm, each American Gem Society Emerging Designer Firm member must have at least one individual, either the principal or a full-time employee successfully complete the introductory portion of The AGS Way course and final exam. Please complete the following for the individual who will complete this education requirement:

Please list any gemological courses completed, including completion dates. If these were GIA courses, please provide student number:

Please complete the following sections and/or provide the necessary documentation in order to complete your membership application:

Recommendations: Emerging Designer members must submit three (3) recommendations from business enterprises or professional individuals within the jewelry industry. Please list the individuals we can contact on your behalf to assist in collecting these recommendations. The membership team will support you once you submit your application.

I hereby certify that the above statements and information are complete, true, and accurate and understand that the correctness and accuracy of the above statements and information, as well as verification of the same, are to be construed as conditions precedent to membership. I authorize an investigation of the credit report of the above firm, as well as the above statements and information, and authorize the release of information concerning damages or liabilities that might result from the issuance of a credit report or from the verification or attempted verification of the above information and statements. If elected to membership, I agree to abide by the Articles of Incorporation, Standards, and Bylaws of the American Gem Society.

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Thank you for applying for membership!

We have received your submission and a Community Ambassador with the Membership team will reach out to support you throughout the membership journey.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.