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AGS Membership Dues Terms and Conditions

Firm members and select individual member types (Affiliate, Patron, Legacy, Emeritus, and Student Associates) shall pay annual membership dues as specified by the Finance/Audit/Legal Committee and are subject to approval by the AGS International Board of Directors. Titleholders and designees attached to member firms are billed annual recertification fees during the recertification period. Honorary Members shall pay no dues.

Any member who fails to pay membership dues or recertification fees within the 62-day grace period shall be subject to loss of membership.

Resignation, suspension, forfeiture, or expulsion from membership shall not relieve the business or individual from liability for any unpaid dues or other duly assessed fees or charges. To reapply for membership, all back dues must be paid in full before membership may be approved, except as may be otherwise determined. Membership in the Society shall be non-assessable (except for annual dues and recertification fees).

Membership with the American Gem Society automatically renews upon expiration. Members are automatically invoiced for the next membership period based on the firm member’s previous dues transaction. Membership is not renewed until dues are paid in full, or the first payment of an installment plan is paid in full.

An Advance Renewal Period is made available to members to renew early, as well as make any changes to their current payment plan.

The American Gem Society offers members the option to renew their membership dues automatically each year. This convenience allows you uninterrupted access to your AGS member benefits.

How Does It Work?

Take a few moments to complete the form at the bottom of this page. Once your enrollment form is processed, you will receive an email to confirm enrollment selections and the payment information we have on file.

Once enrolled in Automatic Membership Dues Renewal, your next dues renewal will be automatically charged to your payment information on file on the day of or within ten (10) business days, after your membership expires.

Members must enroll at least ten (10) business days before their current membership expires.

Need to update your payment information? Please complete this encrypted payment information update form at least three business days before your scheduled renewal.

You may cancel Automatic Membership Dues Renewal at any time by completing this form at least 30 business days before your scheduled renewal.

Members have the option to pay in full or in six or 12 installments. If selecting an installment option, a transaction fee of $3.50 per installment will be added to the total amount due. If paying by credit card/ACH-E-Check, the credit card/bank account will be automatically charged for the remaining installments as scheduled. If using another payment method and payment is not received by the due date, access to the member account may be restricted. If an alternate payment arrangement is required, please contact us.

Pay with credit card or ACH-E-Check online. If paying by check, please remit to American Gem Society, LB 410009, P.O. Box 35146, Seattle, WA 98124-5146. Checks are deposited immediately upon receipt. Membership dues are non-refundable. Please note that all payments will be applied to the oldest invoice on the account. For payments made on current invoices when older invoices are outstanding, an adjustment will appear on the original payment invoice, and notes will be included in the comments section of all invoices affected to explain the payment transfer.

We use BluePay as our payment processor.

Please contact us to cancel or make changes to your current payment installment plan. To update your payment plan option for the next membership period, submit your change during the Advance Renewal Period (30 days prior to expiration) or contact us before your membership expiration date.

Individual Member Dues

Affiliate, Patron, Legacy, Emeritus, and Student Associate members are automatically invoiced once your current membership expires and renewed once dues are paid in full.

If individual membership is not renewed within the 62-day grace period, the individual member may be resigned.

Recertification Fees

Titleholders and designees attached to member firms are billed an annual recertification fee during the recertification period. Invoices are billed to the firm at the launch of the period.

This ensures your firm only supports titleholders and designees who are qualified to carry their credentials upon completing their recertification exam.

If payment for the recertification fee invoice is not received within the 62-day grace period, the individual’s title or designation may be revoked.

Any member may resign from the Society by completing the member resignation form and providing 30-days’ notice, in addition to paying all dues up to the effective date of the resignation.

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