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Master the Art of Negotiation at Confluence 2022

August 22, 2022 / 9:00 a.m.–12:45 p.m. PT
Price: $99

Harness the power of Confluence from the convenience of your computer! Experience this virtual half-day event focused on negotiation—for yourself, with your business partners, and with consumers.

Professional speakers who are leading experts in their field will teach you new tactics to help you focus on the key areas of negotiation. Take a look at our dynamic lineup!

Victor Antonio

Position Your Value, Not Your Price

In today’s market, holding the line on pricing or increasing pricing is the new skill set that salespeople have to become good at doing (i.e., negotiation experts). Holding the line on pricing means resisting the temptation to give discounts. In other situations, as company margins get tight, having a price increase conversation with a customer becomes quite the challenge. The question then is, how do you do it without losing the business?

In this session, you’ll learn how to master the art of negotiation on two fronts: holding the line on pricing (i.e., not giving away discounts or dropping prices) and how to frame a price increase conversation without experiencing client attrition. Topics include:

  • The psychology of pricing and persuasion
  • Developing a “Value over Price” mindset
  • How to isolate a price objection
  • Reduce buyer resistance to pricing objections
  • And other tips to address client questions, objections, and obstacles that can help close the sale
This session is packed with real “how-to” tactics, but more importantly, salespeople will learn the importance of having a value mindset that will give them the confidence to negotiate more effectively on pricing, terms, and conditions.

Phil Jones

Exactly What to Say – The Magic Words for Influence and Impact

Quite often, the difference between success and failure in business can be pinpointed to the compounded impact of your conversations. Words matter, and understanding how you can use language to control a conversation is certain to provide you a fair advantage in your challenging marketplace.

Whether you are looking to lead your team, are in a sales conversation with a client, or negotiating with a supplier—knowing the right things to say in the right way and at the right time is sure to have an instant positive outcome on your results.

This thought-provoking session will have you enthralled from the very start. Discover the power of language over the subconscious brain, gain practical examples that you can use instantly, and learn how the “Magic Words” from Phil’s best-selling book, EXACTLY What To Say, apply to your specific business-critical situations.

This session delivers immediate actionable outcomes. You’ll be ready to work on your new word choices as the session ends!

Tony Perzow

Negotiating Price Like a Pro

In this illuminative keynote, Tony will explain the imperative fundamentals of negotiating price. All transactional negotiations are competitive in nature. Both parties try to get the best deal possible for themselves and their organization. Even in the most collaborative of negotiations, there is still an aspect where both parties involved are trying to protect their interests.

If you don’t know how to play the competitive “game” of negotiation, you will never be successful. Not only will Tony teach you the rules of competitive price negotiating in this module, but will also provide evidence of his principles through an entertaining negotiation simulation and critique.

In this session, you’ll learn the answers to these questions:

  • How much should I ask for and/or what should I offer?
  • What are best practices when conceding on price?
  • Who should talk price first?

Kate Vitasek

The New Economics of Commerce: How to Leverage Nobel Prize-winning Theory in Your Next Negotiation

The 21st century demands businesses rethink their approach to commerce. No—capitalism is not dead. Instead, an award-winning author, educator, and business consultant provides what may seem paradoxical: a lighthearted yet evocative overview of some of the world’s best academic research into how companies should approach working with their business partners in a world where future events can’t be predicted, and flexibility and trust are required.

You will walk away from this session, both intrigued and inspired, ready to return to the office and apply Nobel prize-winning concepts in your next negotiation.

To learn more about the speakers, view the schedule of events, and more, click here.

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