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Letter From the CEO: Looking Back at 2019 With an Eye on the Future

By Katherine Bodoh, RJ

As we wait for the new decade to unfold, let’s look back at some highlights from 2019.

Embracing Innovation: In the fall, the American Gem Society announced two new programs. We launched “digital badging” credentials for AGS members—the first of its kind in the jewelry industry. Digital badges are graphical icons indicating members’ credentials and accomplishments and are added to email signatures, websites, and social media. Jewelry buyers can click on the member’s badge which then provides further details about why the member earned the badge. AGS Laboratories also launched Digital Grading Reports, which serve as an official grading report. The reports reduce operational costs for everyone in the supply chain and help reduce waste.

Increasing Benefits: In the spring, we presented two new benefits. The first allowed members to offer affordable healthcare to their team through The second provides shipping solutions through Jewelers Mutual Shipping Solutions. In the early fall, we launched our Industry Information Center, which houses white papers and articles from industry experts on a wide variety of topics, including laboratory-grown diamonds, anti-money laundering, and other important issues. We also launched our Social Media Monthly enews. We are always seeing ways to add value to our membership. Therefore, this past year, our team focused on gathering feedback and assessing data to ensure that we are investing resources into what you deem most valuable.

Building Community: Through the Guilds and Young Titleholders meetings and events, our members are engaging with each other, and continuing their learning throughout the year. The annual Conclave in Seattle, WA offered three days focused on enhancing gemological training for our members as well as their education by offering sessions in sales, marketing, human resources, and financial management. This summer’s Circle of Distinction Dinner was a celebration with AGS members as well as non-members, coming together for a night honoring excellence in the jewelry industry. In the year ahead, we hope you’ll take advantage of one of the many networking opportunities offered in the AGS.

We plan to increase our focus, time and attention into engaging with the community. You will continue to see more outreach and contact from the team at AGS. This is an organization for all our members, and we want to hear all your voices so that we can continue to enhance or create new ways to bring positive energy to the Society.

Thank you for being part of this wonderful community. I look forward to our 86th year! If you have thoughts or feedback, I am grateful to receive it. Please email me at [email protected].

With gratitude and well wishes for 2020.

Katherine Bodoh, RJ
CEO, American Gem Society and AGS Laboratories