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JFC: In Support of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

In 1988, Elizabeth Glaser sat down at her kitchen table with two close friends to solve what felt like an insurmountable problem—creating a world where no mother, child, or family is devastated by HIV and AIDS.

Elizabeth Glaser contracted HIV in a blood transfusion in 1981 while giving birth to her daughter, Ariel. She and her husband, Paul, later learned that Elizabeth had unknowingly passed the virus on to Ariel through breast milk and that their son, Jake, had contracted the virus in utero.

Elizabeth lost her own battle with AIDS in 1994. The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) has become the leading global nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing pediatric HIV infection and eliminating pediatric AIDS through research, advocacy, and prevention and treatment programs. Elizabeth’s legacy lives on in her son, Jake, who is now a healthy adult.

Thirty-five years later, huge progress has been made, and an AIDS-free generation is now within reach. But our fight is not over. Now is the time to finally finish the fight and make Elizabeth’s biggest dream a reality.

Take a moment to watch the brief video below featuring audio from a 1991 interview Elizabeth Glaser did with Oprah Winfrey.

For 20 years, Jewelers for Children (JFC) has supported EGPAF in research and direct services that save thousands of children and get us closer to a generation without AIDS.

Donate to JFC for Conclave 2024

The JFC Silent Auction is a Conclave tradition and has helped raise over $600,000 for children in need. A donation of jewelry is always welcome, as well as items like these:

  • Unused time at your vacation condo
  • Redeem some airline miles
  • A donation from a friend or business in another industry
  • Artwork, memorabilia, gift certificates—all are great auction items!

To donate to the silent auction, click below!