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A Miner, a Supplier, and a Jeweler Walk Into a Bar…

When the last session on Wednesday is over (5:15 p.m.), stop by the Basin Bar in the Omni Oklahoma City Hotel’s lobby for a happy hour hosted by Gem Legacy. The first drink is on them!

Gem Legacy is a nonprofit charity supporting vocational training, entrepreneurship, and community development in East African artisanal gem mining communities.

Learn more about Gem Legacy’s mission and how it can impact your business, clients, and sales during their Conclave session:

A Miner, a Supplier, and a Jeweler Walk Into a Bar…
Wednesday, April 27 / 4:15 p.m.–5:15 p.m.
Room: Five Moons 4

Come with questions, leave with a drink token, and meet them at the bar!

Join the AGS Community in Supporting Silicosis Prevention

To help prevent silicosis—a lung disease caused by breathing in tiny bits of silica—miners need proper masks and filters that can prevent the inhalation of silica dust.

Over time, silicosis results in irreversible damage to the lungs and often premature death. Tanzanite mining is prone to this disease because of the geology of the region and the largely underground, enclosed mining practices, which occur without sufficient ventilation.

Please help Gem Legacy provide these much-needed masks to miners. To do so, click the button below. Your donation is much appreciated!