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Fall Fashion Trends Straight from the Runway!

By Amanda L. Colborn

2014’s New York Fashion Week showcased several upcoming jewelry themes for this year’s fall season.  Unique pieces such as the single earring, hand bracelets and diamond chokers definitely caught our attention! Apart from the stunning individual pieces of jewelry, we were able to focus in on 5 major themes for the season:

  • Color
  • Feminine Features
  • Floral
  • Patterns
  • Texture


Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the colors of spring and summer!  NY Fashion Week was all about color this season, especially in their jewelry.  Just like these beautiful drop earrings from Yael Designs:

Feminine Features

Delicate and lady-like is the name of the game. Everyone can enjoy fine jewelry every day when it is light and feminine like these beautiful bracelets below from Hearts On Fire:


Floral pieces have always been a classic. You probably wouldn’t think fall when you think of floral however, floral does not have to taken so literally.  Like the diamond ring below from Suna Bros. the beautiful rose shape, glittering with white diamonds make this ring festive and fun all year round:


Intricate patterns are eye-grabbing and compliment-worthy, they add a certain sophisticated element to any fall look.  Just like this piece from Gumunchian:


Last but not least, texture.  Fall 2014 is all about edgy and punk-inspired pieces.  You too can achieve the look without needing to go over-the-top rock n’ roll.  The different textures in these rings from Hurdles Jewelry, give you an edge while still remaining ever so elegant: