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Canary Diamond, Sing to Me!

By Megan Cott, Social Media Associate, Yael Designs

Want to know what the hot new trend in celebrity engagement rings is?

Canary Diamonds are all the rage lately and we are not surprised these dazzling lemon drops are making a splash. After all, who could resist such a cheery, sunny diamond sparkling on their ring finger? It also doesn’t hurt that in addition to the sentiments of love and commitment associated with colorless diamonds, the Canary Diamond has an added meaning of prosperity and joy.


The most recent, and one of the biggest, Canary Diamond engagement rings we have seen is Holly Madison’s. At a whopping 18 carats, this cushion-cut diamond is one for the books! Designed by Holly’s husband-to-be, the band is inspired by Art Nouveau style (another recent trend) and wreathed in yellow and pink diamond flowers. This ring is as bold and unique as Holly herself. Congratulations Holly!


Holly’s Canary Diamond joins the ranks of other celebrity engagement rings worn by Rebecca Romijn, Heidi Klum and Kelly Clarkson. Kelly’s cushion-cut ring from beau Brandon Blackstock is wreathed by colorless diamonds, adding another layer of stunning complement and giving the ring a luminous disposition. We love how versatile Canary Diamonds are, whether they are surrounded by white diamonds or yellow diamonds, like Heidi Klum’s stunner, they look breathtaking on a woman’s hand.

Rebecca Romijn’s canary diamond engagement ring style takes the stone’s vibrancy even further. Varying shades of pave diamond bands accompanied her center diamond until she had the setting redone recently. Now, the ohh la la Canary dangles from a yellow gold and white diamond setting. This is one trend in Hollywood we want to see more of!


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