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Beyond Watches: Stylish Jewelry for Men

By Avery Quigley, American Gem Society

When it comes to accessories for men, the go-to always seems to be a watch. Don’t get us wrong. A nice watch can drastically elevate an outfit you’ve worn a hundred times before and make it feel new. But why stop there? There’s a world of jewelry out there for you to experiment with. So, whether you’re just starting out on your fashion journey or are an established style icon, here are some accessories to spice up your look.

King Baby Studio has it all, from chains to statement rings. These sterling silver bracelets can add a cool, masculine touch to an everyday look or a bit of edge to something a little more formal. Don’t be afraid to stack pieces on top of each other. Coco Chanel may have said it’s best to remove one accessory before leaving the house, but, respectfully, we believe the opposite. 

If a wrist stacked with chains isn’t your style, try some eye-catching rings. Benchmark has a great variety. These four rings are elegant yet minimalistic. Give your look a street-style edge: Wear one on your pointer finger and another on your thumb.

Or maybe you’re interested in a necklace? A chain would be a great starting point, but why not take it a step further with a pendant? This blue lace agate tag by LuvMyJewelry not only adds dimension to a look, but has a versatile tone perfect for someone looking to start playing with color.

Feeling gutsy? Go gold! This statement ring from Jorge Adler will have everyone talking. There are few things more classically cool than a sleek suit and an artfully crafted ring.

And don’t forget, pearls aren’t just for girls. These Assael pearls are deceptively easy to style. So if you’re a beginner, be not afraid. Pearls can come in a variety of colors, sizes, and lengths. Have some fun with a single string or layer them up until you’re dripping in them!

Mix and match to your heart’s content. You can’t go wrong because that’s what personal style is all about.

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