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Red, White & Blue Jewelry to Celebrate America

Jewelry has long been a form of personal expression and even a symbol of patriotism. And what could be more patriotic than the timeless trio of red, white, and blue? Let’s explore a variety of red, white, and blue jewelry pieces—all designed by American Gem Society members—that sparkle with an array of gemstones in America’s colors. (You’ll also learn what gives them their red, white, and blue hues.) Rubies The first gemstone we want to highlight in red, white, and blue jewelry is the ruby. Radiating a deep, passionate red, rubies are the embodiment of love and vitality. Their rich

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September is for Sapphires

As we turn our calendars to September, we start thinking of things like heading back to school, indulging in a pumpkin spice latte, and planning our fall fashions. For those celebrating a birthday in September, they’re thinking of their birthstone: the sapphire! Although sapphire typically refers to the rich blue gemstone variety of the mineral corundum, this royal gem actually occurs in a rainbow of hues. Sapphires come in every color except red, which would then be classified as ruby. Trace elements like iron, titanium, chromium, copper and magnesium give naturally colorless corundum a tint of blue, yellow, purple, orange

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Celebrating September with Sparkling Sapphire

We’re getting a jump-start on September! September’s birthstone is the sapphire, a beautiful gemstone that has been popular since the Middle Ages. According to folklore, sapphires bring wearers good fortune, spiritual insight and provide them with protection from envy and harm. Blue sapphires range from very light to very dark greenish or violet-blue, as well as various shades of pure blue.  The most prized colors are a medium to medium dark blue or slightly violet-blue.  Sapphire is a variety of the gem species, corundum, and occurs in all colors of the rainbow.  Pink, purple, green, orange, or yellow corundum are known

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September Sapphires Fuel Our Fire

By Kevin P. McVay September’s birthstone is the sapphire, a beautiful gemstone that has been popular since the Middle Ages. According to folklore, sapphires bring wearers good fortune, spiritual insight and provide them with protection from envy and harm. As one of the more well-known gemstones in the world, sapphires are commonly worn in jewelry. Though blue is the most common shade, sapphires can come in a variety of colors including yellow, green and even pink. Sapphires are one of our personal favorite gems here at the American Gem Society. They’re versatile and can be worn with just about anything, but

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Yellow and White Gold Collide in This Spectacular New Collection

By Kevin P. McVay American Gem Society members have shared some truly spectacular jewelry collections with us over the last few months. Last week, we received a sneak-peak of a new collection by Jye International, Inc., the 2013 winner of the JCK Jewelers’ Choice Awards. Their new collection features stylish yellow and white gold pieces decorated with brilliant diamonds and stunning gemstones. Some of the most notable pieces include a 18k yellow gold bangle with 0.4ct of premium round diamonds, an exotic bird inspired brooch decorated with 3.07ct of multicolor sapphires and 1.24ct of diamonds and fashionable citrine stone earrings set in

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Spinel: The Coolest Gem You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

By Isabelle Corvin, CG, Staff Gemologist at Panowicz Jewelers Spinel is an oxide mineral that crystallizes in the cubic structure and has quite the mixed-up history. As of 2016, it is also the newest birthstone to be added to the birthstone list! August babies now have a choice between vivid peridot and alluring spinel. The word “spinel” comes from the Latin word Spinella, which means “little thorn” or “arrow-shaped.” Spinel gems come in a wide range of colors and saturations, though perhaps the most famous (and mistakenly infamous) is the red variety. In ancient cultures, red spinel was always grouped together

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October Birthstones: The Colorful Beauty of Opal & Tourmaline

People born in October are blessed with not one, but two captivating birthstones – opal and tourmaline.   These stunning gemstones have fascinating histories and a dazzling array of color variations.   Let’s venture into the vibrant worlds of October’s birthstones: opal and tourmaline.  Opal: The Iridescent Beauty of October  Let’s start with opal, the original October birthstone.  Opal has been cherished and revered for millennia, believed to bring luck to those who wear it. While traditionally recognized as the birthstone of October, opal’s iridescence paints a vivid spectrum of colors from the gentle milky whites to deep blacks, all interspersed with

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Supplier Spotlight: Just Jules LLC

Discover the world of Julie Romanenko, owner and designer of Just Jules LLC, whose passion for art and fine jewelry has shaped her stunning creations. From playing dress-up with her grandmother’s pearls to her journey as a jewelry designer, Julie’s deep connection to jewelry as a symbol of family, celebration, and history shines through in her sophisticated and whimsical designs. With pieces ranging from everyday casual to extraordinary and lavish, Julie’s designs have captured the attention of peers, editors, and collectors alike. Just Jules has famous fans like Geena Davis, Ashley Judd, and Steven Tyler. She’s been featured in InStyle

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Supplier Spotlight: Tabatha Nicholle & Gabriella INC (TNG)

Wilson Barros, founder of Tabatha Nicolle & Gabriella INC (TNG), is a skilled artisan and entrepreneur who began his journey learning the bench from his grandfather in their native Ecuador. “My grandfather was the number one jeweler in Ecuador, so I had the opportunity to learn the art of jewelry manufacturing from the best.” Barros recalls, “I remember sitting beside him and watching him power the bench using a foot pedal.” Over 30 years ago, Barros came to the U.S. and worked in retail, learning store operations and sales while honing his craftsmanship. He was fortunate to become an apprentice

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Trending Now

Trending Now Some of the most stand-out fine jewelry you will see this season comes from members of the American Gem Society. Here are seven key trends that are instant classics, which means they can transition from season to season. All Women Designers Long Necklaces Bangles Diamonds Pearls Chains Birthstones Men’s Jewelry Parlé Jewelry Pastel sapphire ring. Brevani Gumuchian Assael Cassis Natural Saltwater Pearl & Diamond Ring; Single Pearl 13.7 x 13.2 x 11.7mm, 31 Single Cut Diamonds 0.23 cts (F,VS), 18K RG & Platinum, Sz 6.5 Parlé Jewelry Lotus garnet and diamond pendant. Brevani This flexible diamond bangle adds

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