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September Sapphires Fuel Our Fire

By Kevin P. McVay

September’s birthstone is the sapphire, a beautiful gemstone that has been popular since the Middle Ages. According to folklore, sapphires bring wearers good fortune, spiritual insight and provide them with protection from envy and harm. As one of the more well-known gemstones in the world, sapphires are commonly worn in jewelry. Though blue is the most common shade, sapphires can come in a variety of colors including yellow, green and even pink.

Sapphires are one of our personal favorite gems here at the American Gem Society. They’re versatile and can be worn with just about anything, but strike a beautiful chord when paired with diamonds and white gold. While there are many shades of sapphires to choose from, the gem’s radiance never fails to attract attention. Here are the top three reasons why we’re in love with sapphires:

  1. They’re always in fashion. From blue to pink, sapphires of all colors are stylish staples of luxury. Sapphires hit the Hollywood stage every year, making regular appearances on the asfred carpet and in the collections of well-known celebrities and even royalty. Penelope Cruz, Victoria Beckham, Elizabeth Hurley, Kate Middleton and Nicole Ritchie are just a few of many popular figures that have been spotted wearing elegant sapphires.
  2. They complement fall attire. Sapphire jewelry adds a touch of color to fall fashion apparel. The gem accents other fall colors really well, especially gray, red and orange hues. Wearing a sapphire makes a statement and adds a vivacious aura that brings warmth to the crowd. They wouldn’t be called the September birthstone if they didn’t.
  3. They’re durable and stable. Sapphires are second only to diamonds on the Mohs hardness scale, ranking at a solid 9 compared to a diamond’s 10. This hardness allows sapphires to be worn every day without the constant worry about them scratching or becoming damaged. Though it’s important to take care of your gemstones, sapphires can withstand chipping and breaking while being knocked or bumped. They’re also able to handle heat, light and chemicals really well, bringing needed peace-of-mind to their wearers.


We’re excited to see what kinds of sapphires our members share with us this year! Do you adore sapphires because of a different reason? Please share your sapphire story with us in the comments. For more information about sapphires, please visit the American Gem Society website. Have a happy September!