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5 Questions to Ensure That Your Healthcare Coverage is Working For Your Small Business


Health insurance is a big benefit with a big cost attached to it. The process of picking the plan is pressure-packed, frustrating, overwhelming, and confusing. The result for all your troubles: an overpriced plan that you and your employees don’t really understand.

At this moment, you may be thinking one of two things: “Oh my gosh, this is me!” or “Wow, I’m so glad I chose as my complete healthcare coverage solution!” If you, unfortunately, feel yourself gravitating to the first thought, your next question should be, “What should I do now?” Ask these five questions to help ensure that your healthcare coverage is working for your small business.

1. Do the benefits that the provided plan is offering meet the needs of your employees?

Investing in your employees’ health and happiness through the benefits your small business offers is an investment in your human capital. If your employees, that help the company run every day, are healthy or have the means to maintain their health, then the company is ultimately healthier, more productive, and more successful. Remember, insurance, like everything else, is not one size fits all. You need a certain flexibility of benefits that offer options for employees to customize their coverage to their needs.

2. Do your employees completely understand the full extent of the benefits that are offered to them?

We all can recall a situation when we were confused and overwhelmed about a foreign concept. Chances are you were extremely frustrated especially if there was a deadline involved. This is a natural emotion, but it should not be the norm when buying healthcare coverage for you and your employees. Let’s be honest, health insurance will not be the most exciting purchase, but it is one of the most important. An easy-to-use and understand digital platform makes research easy and confusion over insurance a thing of the past. Make sure your employees understand what is being offered so they can use their benefits to the full extent and make informed decisions. No one likes surprises when it comes to their money or their health.

3. Does your healthcare coverage have strict in-network restrictions?

Many health insurance plans restrict how and when you can obtain care. In some instances, you cannot see the doctor of your choosing without jumping through hoops. This can be very stressful. A small, restrictive network poses more limitations than ever before. Before committing to a health insurance plan for your small business, make sure the network meets the needs of your employees, or better yet, do away within and out of network constraints altogether and find a plan that offers quality coverage anywhere. You have on your side to help you find these types of options.

4. Does your coverage include a team to help you save on your healthcare expenses?

Healthcare coverage is an extremely important decision. To appropriately evaluate which plan is right for you, there are a few early steps that are essential to making sure the plan you select is the right fit for you and your employees. Luckily for you, we already talked about the importance of understanding your personal healthcare needs and imploring your employees to do the same. Next, you should look to find an insurance expert that is in your corner, that will offer you unbiased advice, education, and ongoing support throughout the year. As an employer, you want to ensure you aren’t overextended by providing the best benefits for your company. Trust the plan and program that steps in and makes sure you are getting the best bang for your buck.

5. Do you have accessibility to telemedicine and counseling with your current plan?

Telemedicine is a foundational piece of what healthcare coverage will look like in the future. After the crazy year we have all had, everything is virtual. Why not see a physician or a counselor virtually too? You may even have access to telemedicine physicians or counselors and not even know it! That’s why having someone to show you how to use it is imperative.

Telemedicine and a work-life balance offer quality healthcare 24/7 at just the click of a button. It is convenient and accessible, without the large cost attached to an office visit. You could even have access to extended specialist and referring physician services. Stick with the times and make sure that your health insurance provider is giving you the most up-to-date benefits to save on your healthcare costs while reducing your insurance claims.

As you move through life, it is important to always ask questions. Questions further understanding; understanding motivates action, and informed action achieves success. Ask the right questions and save on your health insurance today. It is never acceptable to settle for less, especially when it involves you and your family’s health!

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