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August 5, 2021

Supplier Spotlight: DAVID WEISZ

DAVID WEISZ™, as an organization, has a fascinating family history. No one can tell the story of their journey better than they, so we asked their chairman, David Weisz, the grandson of the original founder, to tell us the story in his own words. “The legacy of DAVID WEISZ spans an era of courage, integrity, and strength, where the family patriarch, David Weisz, started a business selling finished jewelry and diamonds in Satu Mare, Romania. Following two decades of success in his flourishing business, David and his family were met with a terrible misfortune at the onset of the second

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5 Questions to Ensure That Your Healthcare Coverage is Working For Your Small Business

By Health insurance is a big benefit with a big cost attached to it. The process of picking the plan is pressure-packed, frustrating, overwhelming, and confusing. The result for all your troubles: an overpriced plan that you and your employees don’t really understand. At this moment, you may be thinking one of two things: “Oh my gosh, this is me!” or “Wow, I’m so glad I chose as my complete healthcare coverage solution!” If you, unfortunately, feel yourself gravitating to the first thought, your next question should be, “What should I do now?” Ask these five questions to

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