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November 21, 2022

Supplier Spotlight: Disons Gems Inc.

Disons Gems Inc. began with $27 and a pay phone. “My father, Milan Mehta, immigrated to the U.S. from India in 1978 with dreams of being a diamond merchant,” says Jay Mehta, principal of Disons Gems Inc. “He began his career in New York City by withdrawing a roll of dimes from a bank every day and standing in a phone booth, cold-calling jewelry companies listed in the yellow pages, asking them if they had any diamond needs. He’d spend the rest of the day trying to source merchandise for anyone who answered him.” Jay continues, “He never said no

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Celebrate with Jewelry for Your Wedding Anniversary

An anniversary is a joyous milestone to celebrate. Why not celebrate with something meaningful and lasting? Anniversary jewelry marks the occasion and offers a lasting reminder of the love you share. Where can I buy wedding anniversary jewelry? Anniversary jewelry helps commemorate your love and makes your partner feel special. If you’re shopping for wedding anniversary jewelry, the best place to start is with an American Gem Society (AGS) jeweler. The American Gem Society is the country’s preeminent jewelry trade organization dedicated to consumer protection. With a jeweler you can trust, you’ll be able to concentrate on finding the right

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Jewelers Mutual Group’s Sumit Dangi Joins the American Gem Society International Board of Directors

The American Gem Society’s (AGS) International Board of Directors voted to approve the appointment of Sumit Dangi on Monday, October 17, 2022. Mr. Dangi, the Global Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer at Jewelers Mutual Group (JM) was appointed by Lisa Bridge, CG, President of the AGS Board. “We are thrilled to welcome Sumit Dangi to the AGS Board,” said Ms. Bridge. “He brings tremendous insight both from growing up with his family in jewelry and his many years in banking, leadership, and consulting. Sumit will make a big impact on both the Board and our membership with his thoughtful and

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Holiday Fire Hazards: What Jewelry Store Owners Need to Know

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start sprucing up your store with holiday décor and displays. Seasonal decorations, including lights, trees, and wreaths, can help create the perfect festive environment for you, your staff, and your customers. However, when not installed or displayed properly, these decorations can create safety hazards that can cause a fire or electrical injury. A fire can have a devastating impact on your business, resulting in costly repairs and lost revenue. The good news is fires are preventable when the right safety precautions are taken. Follow these fire safety tips to ensure

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Continue Your Success Story

Apply for a Scholarship From the Young Titleholders Ready to take the next step in furthering your professional career? The AGS Young Titleholders (YTs) are proud to offer two educational scholarships to help guide you on that journey. AGS Conclave Scholarships Conclave is one of the most sought-after education and networking events in the jewelry industry! This members-only event features leading national speakers and industry experts, teaching various topics ranging from gemological training to sales, leadership, HR, DEI, and marketing sessions. Members often tell us that Conclave is their favorite event of the year. Why? They not only value the

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