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Supplier Spotlight: Disons Gems Inc.

Disons Gems Inc. began with $27 and a pay phone.

“My father, Milan Mehta, immigrated to the U.S. from India in 1978 with dreams of being a diamond merchant,” says Jay Mehta, principal of Disons Gems Inc. “He began his career in New York City by withdrawing a roll of dimes from a bank every day and standing in a phone booth, cold-calling jewelry companies listed in the yellow pages, asking them if they had any diamond needs. He’d spend the rest of the day trying to source merchandise for anyone who answered him.”

Jay continues, “He never said no to any client and worked as hard as possible to stay true to his word if he ever promised something to a customer or vendor. Those traits are still a part of our company’s DNA 44 years later.”

Today, Disons Gems Inc. focuses on serving the U.S. jewelry industry with its natural diamond needs. They are one of the largest memo houses of GIA-certified diamonds, with an inventory of over 8,000 diamonds ranging from 0.3cts–20cts+, all available for overnight memo service.

What makes Disons Gems Inc. a good partner for retailers?

“We offer overnight shipping across the USA, flexible memo and payment terms, and the best service we know how to offer,” says Jay. “If we send goods on memo, we don’t call retailers after two or three days asking for a memo update. We understand that memo sales often take a while to close and that some deals are more complicated than others. We try to be as understanding as we possibly can. This attitude, combined with one of the largest inventories in the U.S., makes us an ideal partner.”

The team at Disons Gems Inc.
The Disons Team after a company bowling outing.
It’s always nice to put faces to voices you hear on the phone!

Disons Gems Inc. recently started carrying an inventory of mounted rings and earrings with some of their larger diamonds.

“We work with leading jewelers in New York’s Diamond District to make elegant and timeless designs for our diamonds.” Jay adds, “Through conversations with our retail partners, we have found that setting our diamonds in simple yet beautiful designs allows the end customer to visualize their final product more easily.”

Jay shares that, as a member of the American Gem Society (AGS), one of those most significant benefits is the community of AGS members. “It epitomizes the communal aspect of the jewelry industry—all of our businesses rely on others in the trade, and the strength of our relationships often determines the success of our businesses. AGS provides a vetted platform to meet other honest and honorable members of the trade, and this is a huge benefit that we should all try to take advantage of.”

To learn more about Disons Gems Inc., visit their website at