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March 29, 2022

Why Are There Two Clarity Grades for AGS 7?

By Wade Abel, CG, Director of Gemological Services, AGS Laboratories Recently we received a question that is important for our clients to understand. The inquiry was about the clarity grade AGS 7, which has two categories, AGS 7 (SI2) and AGS 7 (I1). The AGS grading system uses a 0-10 grade scale for three of the 4Cs: Cut, Clarity, and Color. This is an easy way to understand where the diamond fits relative to others. The system is a deduction-based scale which means that 0 is the best grade and 10 is the worst. The AGS Ideal® 0 is well

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Light Performance Series: How to Build a Special Program Around Cut Grade with AGS Laboratories

By Jerrica Hamblin, Laboratory Program Development Analyst, AGS Laboratories The Light Performance Series continues this month with a look at how you can build a special program around cut grade with AGS Laboratories! We have incredible branding options that bring together brand recognition and light performance education for a unique selling experience. In addition to the Platinum Light Performance Document, we offer a branded report option referred to as the Proprietary Light Performance Diamond Quality® Document or the Proprietary Grading Report (PGR). This report offers the same grading information as the Platinum report, including measurements, cut grade, color and clarity

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