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Light Performance Series: How to Build a Special Program Around Cut Grade with AGS Laboratories

By Jerrica Hamblin, Laboratory Program Development Analyst, AGS Laboratories

The Light Performance Series continues this month with a look at how you can build a special program around cut grade with AGS Laboratories! We have incredible branding options that bring together brand recognition and light performance education for a unique selling experience.

In addition to the Platinum Light Performance Document, we offer a branded report option referred to as the Proprietary Light Performance Diamond Quality® Document or the Proprietary Grading Report (PGR). This report offers the same grading information as the Platinum report, including measurements, cut grade, color and clarity grades, carat weight, and the ASET® image. This document offers a sleek design with a designated space for your brand’s logo prominently displayed at the top of the report.

The Only My Diamond® (OMD) platform is also available for custom branding! This website allows you to incorporate your brand colors, logos, and photos in addition to the various education elements the AGS Laboratories offers. The OMD platform helps explain light performance with three key tiles: The Light Performance Chart, the ASET®, and the Optical Precision Map.

  • The Light Performance chart analyzes the Brightness, Fire (Dispersion), Contrast, and Overall Performance of the diamond. With these scales, you can see the true details of how a diamond’s cut performs in each category.
  • The Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool (ASET®) image displays where the diamond gathers light. The image classifies these areas as Brightness, Contrast, Less Bright, and Light Leakage. The ASET® illustrates how light performs inside a diamond, returning light and giving it sparkle.
  • The Optical Precision Map (OPM) reveals the precision in which the diamond was cut, highlighting its patterning and degree of optical symmetry. This image is also commonly known as a Hearts and Arrows image.

Pair the PGR with a branded Only My Diamond® experience and take your selling to the next level! Contact [email protected] to see how you can start your special program today.

There is also a big announcement brewing that will enhance the OMD experience…stay tuned!

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