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April 29, 2021

The Report Report: Platinum Light Performance Diamond Quality Document

By Jerrica Hamblin, Laboratory Program Development Analyst, AGS Laboratories No, the headline is not a typo! Each month in “The Report Report,” I will describe a variety of AGS Laboratories reports as well as other products and services that we offer. To kick-off the first article, I want to showcase one of our most popular grading reports, the Platinum Light Performance Diamond Quality Document. Why is it popular? One of the most prominent elements of this report is the ASET® image. This image clearly indicates where the diamond is attracting light, in areas of brightness (red), contrast (blue), less bright

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Q & A With Quick and Abel

AGS Laboratories often receives some terrific questions from our clients, and we thought you would like to hear the answers. AGS Laboratories Executive Director, Jason Quick, RJ, and Director of Gemological Services, Wade Abel, CG, team up to share their responses! What shapes are currently supported by AGS Laboratories’ Light Performance cut grade system? Besides round brilliant, AGS Laboratories currently has fancy shape light performance cut grades available for princess, oval, cushion, and emerald shapes. Additionally, AGS Laboratories has worked with clients to support more uncommon and proprietary shapes. For more information about our system including cutting guideline charts for

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