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The security of all AGS members is very important to us. We want to ensure you have the information and resources you need to stay safe. At the request of Jewelers Supporting Jewelers, a Facebook group dedicated to helping the jewelry industry stay safe, we are sharing the following message:

Man wearing a mask robbed a jewelry store. Robbery concept

“I was face to face with the masked men. I was sprayed with mace. I could not see, but I could hear every move they made in my store. I was screaming for my employees to hit the panic button, not being able to see or know where they were hiding. All I could do was wait. There is no support for you after that when your head is spinning with what you should do now. Of course, you are mad, then sad. Will your employees ever come back to work? Do I ever want to again? It’s been several years now since my robbery, but there are things that can trigger my mind. You have to talk your way through it.” – Nancy

This powerful story is why I created Jewelers Supporting Jewelers. We all need someone to talk to. Not just a therapist, but others who have been through what we have been through. The greatest comfort is talking to others who not only survived, but now thrive. Sharing techniques that helped them cope with the trauma of a robbery is the greatest support we can give to one another.

Crime is at an unprecedented high. Up 31% in just a year. Not only is the crime a plague on our industry, but the aftermath of the crimes as well. People don’t just bounce back to the way it used to be after a life-changing event like that. Criminals not only steal jewelry and damage property, they run away with our sense of safety and trust. Jewelers carry the scars, sometimes for a lifetime.

Tina took a number of steps to keep safe after a grab-and-run robbery, but “Although with all these proactive measures we have taken, I am only human and fear and doubt and anxiousness still creep into my psyche, and I am seriously considering early retirement.”

Debbie changed many things about doing business and says, “My advice to recover is to build on every gift you have, expect to make great sacrifices, and focus like Michael Jordan.” This was after being burglarized without any insurance payout.

If we could help with emotional scars like these, how wonderful would that be?

Jewelers Supporting Jewelers was born. It is a Facebook group that is used to support jewelers who’ve been affected by crime. It is a safe space for all of us to step forward and talk about concerns and learn from each other.

Some will join for perspective and support. Others will enter the group with stories to share and pain to work through. In addition to the victims of crime, there are those who have worked through traumatic experiences of life. All are welcome.

Rod was burglarized twice in just over two months and had this to say about recovering from the trauma:

“The peace of mind doesn’t happen overnight or even in days; it takes weeks to regain what you lost.”

Jewelers Supporting Jewelers is a place all jewelers can feel comfortable and safe discussing their experiences. It is a place anyone can ask for help and find like-minded people to interact with. Together we are stronger. Together we are safer.

To join, visit