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Unwrap the Beauty of Diamond Jewelry This Holiday

Diamonds and the holidays go together quite naturally. Christmas jewelry and holiday jewelry gifts are both meaningful and timeless. It’s no wonder that December is a popular month for engagements. Because nothing adds sparkle to an already bright season like diamonds.  

While an obvious choice for the holidays, diamond jewelry isn’t always easy to select. There are so many options, from traditional diamond solitaires and studs to a wide array of fancy cut diamonds. The variety of diamond jewelry options makes finding the right piece fun, but you’ll want an expert opinion to ensure you’re getting value for your investment.

Grandview Klein Diamonds for Christmas jewelry: Twist ring featuring 3 natural diamonds - cushion, radiant, and Asscher (tcw - 2.63) set in platinum
Grandview Klein Diamonds

Let’s look at diamond jewelry trends and tips, so you can unwrap the beauty of diamond jewelry this holiday season.

Holiday Diamond Trends

Fancy-Cut Diamonds  

The fancy-cut diamond trend is hot right now. A fancy cut diamond, or fancy shape diamond, is any shape other than the round, brilliant cut. This includes a cushion cut diamond, square, oval, princess, emerald, pear, or an Asscher cut diamond. Those looking for diamond cuts for rings will find there are shapes that appeal to a range of styles.  

Mixing different diamond shapes is popular now. Rings featuring two or more different diamond shapes make a bold statement.    

Stackable Rings and Bracelets

Ring stacks and bracelets are currently trending in jewelry. Stackable wedding rings can feature a band above and below the engagement ring.  

This trend can take on a more minimalist look by using several thin gold bracelets or rings. Or you can mix metals, styles, shapes and color for endless possibilities.  

Classic Choices

Diamond jewelry, such as classic ear studs or solitaire pendants, is always in style. These more traditional diamond options remain popular because of their versatility. Diamonds look just as good with casual clothing as they do with more formal attire. If you’re looking for timeless Christmas jewelry gifts or holiday jewelry gifts, these fit the bill.   

Finding the Right Diamond

If diamond jewelry gifts are on your mind, you’ll want to make sure you find a jeweler you can trust. An American Gem Society (AGS) jeweler is a knowledgeable resource.  

AGS is a nonprofit jewelry trade association dedicated to consumer protection since 1934. All AGS jewelers are thoroughly vetted before becoming members. To obtain their credentials, they must take an annual recertification exam. These professional jewelers have pledged to adhere to a code of ethics that protects the diamond-buying customer.  

When buying diamond jewelry or diamond engagement rings, find a jeweler you can trust. A jeweler who is knowledgeable about cut, clarity and the difference between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds. An AGS jeweler can help you make this important purchasing decision, so you feel confident and informed.  

Start your holiday diamond shopping by first finding an AGS jeweler. Our Find a Jeweler tool makes it so easy to find an AGS jeweler near you.