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Why Choose a Platinum Crown?

Rebecca Moskal, Vice President—Marketing, Platinum Guild International USA Most couples have thought about their dream engagement ring and will likely know what they want when visiting their local jewelry store. When shopping for an engagement ring, keep the metal in mind. Platinum is a good choice for its durability, providing a secure setting for a diamond or gemstone. What is a platinum crown? A platinum crown is an entirely platinum setting that sits on top of an engagement ring and secures the diamond or gemstone with its prongs. Why choose to be crowned in platinum? A platinum crown protects your

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Tips from Jewelers Mutual: Strongest Metals for Wedding Bands

Are you planning to shop for your engagement and wedding rings? The gemstones are typically the main focus: diamond or colored gemstone, which cut looks best, etc. But what about the metal? The strength of the band plays a significant part, depending on your lifestyle. Jewelers Mutual Group compares the seven strongest metals used in jewelry. Click here to read their blog, Strongest Metals for Wedding Bands.

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