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March Birthstone

The Birthstone of March: Aquamarine!

March has historically been an unusual month. This is a transitional time, from winter blues to summer blues. It’s also a windy month, and the weather can be fickle as one day is cold and the next warm. It’s supposed to be the first month of spring, but it can feel like the last month of winter. Even literature views it as a conflicted month. Shakespeare warned Caesar to “Beware the Ides of March” in his eponymous play, “Julius Caesar.” Despite the ups and downs of this month, one element remains bright, shining, and beautiful: the March birthstone, aquamarine. A

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Aquamarine: the Calming Blue

by Anna Samsonova, CGA Ben Bridge Jeweler The name says it all for the birthstone of March: Aqua. The word alone is relaxing.  Which is good, because the historical and substitute birthstone does not have as relaxing of a name: Bloodstone. Aquamarine is usually a light blue stone, think of the clearest of beach waters that you can imagine. Smaller stones tend to stay on the lighter side of the spectrum, where as larger stones may yield a darker color. That slightly darker color, especially with a greenish tint, is quite sought after and has a greater value. Just as

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