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Jewels of the 2013 Emmy’s

By Lisa Bridge, Certified Gemologist, Ben Bridge   The Emmys are an exciting night for television, but the fashion and jewelry worlds get to play along too. All in all the stars made good choices in their jewelry. I was surprised by the number of celebrity comments on how nervous they were wearing their jewelry on the red carpet. While there were some very expensive pieces, aren’t these the people we consider our American royalty? Shouldn’t they know how to wear jewelry? Also, isn’t the number one rule of the red carpet to look confident (whether you feel that way

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Rubies and July—a Red Hot Pair

Perhaps no color better represents the month of July than red. Whether it’s the bold red in the American flag, spectacular fireworks, juicy cherries, red-hot temperatures.  . . and, with that, red hot sunburns—Red is a color fit for July. It’s no surprise then that Ruby is July’s birthstone. Rubies are not only a hot trend on red carpets, but this precious gemstone is both luxurious and practical. Ruby is a variety of the gems species corundum, which is harder than any natural gemstone except diamond. Want to wear a ruby as an engagement ring? Go ahead! It’s durable enough

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5 Reasons why Watches aren't Passé

By Preston Wallace, K-Jon’s Fine Jewelers The age of the smartphone has arrived. Everyone has one. At the press of a button, the time is displayed, and it’s always correct.  How can an old-fashioned watch compete with that?  The age of the watch has come and gone, right?  Nope.  I use my smartphone all the time, but I go nowhere without my watch. The wristwatch as a timepiece has not gone out of style, nor will it in years to come. Here are 5 reasons why. 1. A watch is a fashion piece. Yes, it’s true.  A watch has been

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Denise Chislett from Underwood Jewelers: My Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

By Denise Chislett, RJ, Underwood Jewelers Everyone wants the best for their Mom! Here are some jewelry gift ideas to help you this Mother’s Day. My Mother is my best friend. She brought me into this world and gave me everything she could, even when I didn’t deserve it (oh, the teenage years!). My Mother didn’t do the best she could for me. She did the BEST. My Mother isn’t a fancy woman. She is beautiful and down to earth. She is simple, elegant and most of all she is one of the funniest people I know. She never had

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Buying Jewelry for Valentine’s Day?

by Cristina Miranda Consumer Education Specialist, FTC Nothing says “Be My Valentine” more than a box of chocolates, flowers, and a poetic love note. Unless it’s a heart-thumping piece of jewelry! If you’re thinking about buying jewelry for your sweetheart, there are a few things to know about platinum, gold and silver, and gemstones, diamonds and pearls. A little knowledge can help you avoid buyers’ remorse. 1. Set expectations. Decide on your budget and the type of jewelry you want to buy before you shop. Avoid impulse purchases. Learn more with our Jewelry Buying Guide. 2. Research jewelry sites and

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Why Is a Diamond's Cut Important?

Today’s Guest Blogger is Alethea Inns, CG, Director of Diamond Grading for the American Gem Society Laboratories. Alethea’s post today is on a topic she knows very well: a Diamond’s Cut, and how it helps make a diamond even more beautiful. Cut is, without a doubt, the most important of the 4 Cs.  The cut of a diamond has the greatest overall influence on the diamond’s beauty.  Facets that are correctly placed on the diamond allow it to act like a system of windows and mirrors that return the most light to the eye in the most balanced way.  That being

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Let's Talk Jewelry

Welcome to our new blog! We are  here to talk about jewelry with you. Whether it’s tips on buying jewelry, the latest trends, historic or celebrity jewelry or even proper care for your gems, we have information to share. Our blog is written by experts in the industry–usually people who work in jewelry stores or are designers. We all share a passion for fine, quality jewelry, and want to share our expertise with you, so that your experience with jewelry, from buying it to wearing it, is a great one. Want to tell us about your most treasured necklace? Have a question about

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