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holiday shopping tips

Essential Questions for Your Jeweler This Holiday Season

With the holidays around the corner, choosing the perfect piece of jewelry can be an exciting endeavor. Asking your jeweler the right questions can help you ace your jewelry gift list. We turned to several experts—American Gem Society (AGS) jewelers—to find out what questions you should ask when selecting the perfect piece of jewelry. Our experts included four different AGS credentialed jewelers: Loretta Gordon-Boch with Gordons Gold Jewellers in London, Ontario; Georgie Gleim, CG, and Brenda Mitchell, CSA, with Gleim the Jewelers in Palo Alto, CA; and Maria Brown, RJ, with Exclusively Diamonds in Mankato, MN. What’s their training? Georgie

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How to Shop for Diamond Engagement Rings

Buying a diamond engagement ring is a momentous occasion. If you’re ready to purchase a ring, but don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place. With such an important expenditure as a diamond engagement ring, you want to feel confident in your decision. You want to feel like you’ve purchased the perfect ring! Doing your research, shopping around, and careful consideration go a long way toward making that happen. It also helps to have informed advice from professionals in the industry. The American Gem Society is the country’s preeminent jewelry trade organization dedicated to consumer protection. We’re dedicated

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Jewelry Buying Tips from the Pros

By Donna Jolly, RJ American Gem Society   You know it’s the holiday season when magazines and blogs run a “shopping tips” article. We thought, though, that you should hear advice from the people actually in the field who have learned a thing or two about best-buying practices: the jewelers. Of course, these are not just any retailers. They are American Gem Society credentialed jewelers.  Every day, they help their customers find the perfect piece of jewelry, whether it’s finding the right style or fitting the right budget—or both. Here is some solid advice straight from a few jewelers: Catherine

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