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Diamond Facts for Kids and Adults

Diamonds are revered for their everlasting beauty, but how many diamond facts do you actually know? We gathered some interesting facts about diamonds so you can impress others at the next trivia night or simply be in even more awe when looking at your diamond jewelry. We also included some April birthstone facts for those lucky enough to claim diamonds as their birthstone. Fun Facts About Diamonds How old is a diamond? The majority of natural diamonds are one to three billion years old. These gemstones most likely formed in the first couple billion years that Earth existed. The oldest

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April Birthstone: Diamond

By Anna Samsonova, CGA, Ben Bridge Jewelers “Diamonds ARE a girl’s best friend,” especially if you were born in April! Since the beginning of time, diamonds have been associated with strength, love and purity. They are symbols of eternal love and great status. Many of us know of famous diamonds and their stories, from the infamous Hope Diamond to the Koh-i-Noor Diamond (both diamonds reputedly hold a curse to those who own or wear them).  Most people think of diamonds as clear gemstones, and they can indeed be quite clear, but diamonds can also be quite colorful. Diamond colors range

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