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Sustaining Firm Spotlight: The Edge

The EDGE is celebrating a milestone this year. For 20 years, they’ve helped independent retail jewelers outperform their competition and grow to their fullest potential. Their solutions emphasize inventory management and customer communication.

“We provide independent retail jewelers with the information they need to achieve optimum performance and best practice functionality responses to that information,” says Dick Abbott, president of The Edge. “We provide the whole tool shed to jewelers and offer a wide range of training to help them apply them as designed.”

Dick Abbott shares that The Edge began out of necessity. “As the absentee owner of a jewelry store, I needed as much reliable data as possible to make decisions. Since I was a computer programmer by profession, I developed a system to provide me with the information I needed, that has become the leading jewelry store management system in the industry with over 4,500 installations in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean.”

Dick Abbott,
president of The Edge

The latest version of The Edge is now 64bit. This means users can now schedule reports they need daily, weekly, monthly, etc., to run automatically and have them delivered via email to those that require them.

Learn more about The Edge, their solutions, and comprehensive training, at

The Edge Team
The Edge Team