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Supplier Spotlight: Suna Bros

Their legacy begins with Kenneth Suna, who in 1925, apprenticed in a jewelry factory in Warsaw, Poland with his older brother, Joel. There, he learned to appreciate very fine platinum jewelry. He came to the United States in 1932 and eventually began working as an independent diamond setter in New York City, establishing SUNA, and specializing in channel-set wedding bands. After serving in the army, Kenneth returned home when his son Aron was born and restarted the business with Joel in 1945 as Suna Bros.

Almost thirty years later, Kenneth’s wife, Perle Suna, who already had her master’s in education, was filling in as office manager while interviewing candidates for the role. She decided that she could do the job best and stayed for 38 years, becoming a Certified Gemologist® through the American Gem Society (AGS), enabling Suna Bros. to become a member of the organization. In 1973, Aron Suna, RS, joined the company, and then Jonathan Suna, CG, joined in 1978.

For close to 50 years, Suna Bros. has been a member of the AGS. “I believe that AGS members are truly dedicated to our industry. Both organizations share important core values of ethical, responsible, and conscientious business practices,” says Jonathan Suna, CG, co-owner of Suna Bros.

Jonathan adds, “And of course, we really enjoy Conclave. We have relationships with retailers and suppliers that span decades, and Conclave provides the ideal setting to network and connect in a relaxing atmosphere. We’ve participated in Conclave’s Supplier Showcase and made great connections because that pressure to sell and buy didn’t exist. We also have picked up useful knowledge in the various classes, particularly the ones on social media.”

Crafting fine jewelry for over 85 years means that Suna Bros. has a treasure trove of designs, and most can still be worn today because of their classic style.

“For retailers, Suna is the perfect complement to existing branded merchandise,” says Jonathan. “We’re those classic sapphire earrings or that channel-set band made in America. Among our retailers’ consumers, we represent a refined aesthetic. Many younger clients have done their research and want to invest in timeless, iconic pieces for building a jewelry wardrobe that can eventually become heirlooms.”

Jonathan notes that one noticeable trend in the last several years has been the return to classic styling. “Since the Suna collection is so classic, it transcends trends and remains relevant among retailers and consumers. Like our tag line says: trends change, fashions fade, but Suna elegance is always in style.”

To see some of Suna’s classic pieces and newest designs, click on each of the images below to see a larger view.

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