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Supplier Spotlight: Chromia by KHR Jewels, Inc.

Amit Bhansali discovered his love of rare and exotic gemstones while working in finance on Wall Street in New York City. His commute took him past the world-famous Jewelry District on 47th Avenue. This daily inspiration, coupled with a push from a dear friend, brought him to California, where he teamed up with his cousin, an established figure in the precious gemstone market.

In 2002, Amit founded KHR Jewels, Inc., and then in 2018, he created Chromia, a KHR Jewels brand born from a passion for bringing the rarest gemstones from the farthest reaches of our planet and making them available to everyone.

This move began Amit’s journey to make rare and exotic gemstones accessible and affordable. Chromia distinguishes itself by offering an exquisite collection of fine gemstones set in 18K gold, meticulously selecting only the top 5% of quality in each category.

“What differentiates Chromia is our team,” says Ryan Dees, Director of Sales and Marketing for Chromia NYC. “Every gemstone has a story, and we respect the rarity of the gemstones by sharing that story with the clientele. This is why our trunk show program is booked months in advance. Our entire team is passionate about rare and exotic gemstones and loves to share these stories.”

Ryan notes that they have seen a big demand for mixed-color collections. “Retailers of all categories have been seeking out affordable price points of mixed-color collections featuring a variety of tourmalines, amethysts, peridot, topaz, citrine, and more.

“This is the biggest year we have seen in this category of gemstones. The Fall of 2024 is expected to be all about color. Now more than ever, we find a connoisseur clientele seeking out our specialty of rare and exotic gemstones which is the core of our business. Expanding their current color inventories but also as strategic investments. Specifically, our rare variations of demantoid, Mawi kunzite, Primera Rosada rubellite, Khyber Valley peridot, and, of course, Paraiba tourmaline are always in high demand.”

When it comes to picking favorites, Ryan says that Chromia has one of the finest bi-color tourmalines in the world. It’s a 130.70-carat bi-color tourmaline currently touring the world on a luxury cruise ship!

Visit to learn more about their beautiful jewelry and gemstones and to contact them about fall trunk shows.

Natural 130.70 cts bi-color tourmaline