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Supplier Spotlight: Iniskim Ammolite

Amarjeet Grewal, President and Co-founder of Iniskim International (Ammolite), is a visionary entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the Ammolite industry. Since founding Iniskim in 2021, Amarjeet has been committed to showcasing and sharing the unique beauty of Ammolite globally.

Amarjeet’s journey with Ammolite began over 30 years ago, shortly after she immigrated to Canada from Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), India. As a young woman immigrating to a foreign country to start her career, resilience and determination were at the core of her passion. With each passing year, as she worked her way up in the Ammolite industry, her passion for this unique gemstone only grew stronger. 

Ammolite, found and mined exclusively in the rocky terrains of Southern Alberta, Canada, is a gemstone like no other. Its vibrant play of color, derived from the fossilized shells of ancient Ammonites, tells a story of geological marvels and ancient seas.

Each Ammolite piece is one-of-a-kind, capturing the essence of nature’s artistry. Despite its rarity and breathtaking beauty, Ammolite has remained a hidden gem in the broader market—a perception that drives Amarjeet’s mission to unveil its splendor to the world. For designers seeking to differentiate their collections with a gemstone that offers both historical significance and unparalleled beauty, Ammolite presents an extraordinary opportunity.

How is Ammolite graded? In recent years, Ammolite gemstone grading has become standardized and accepted within the industry. The difference in grading is predominantly focused on color, vibrancy, and consistency in pattern and aesthetics. The highest grade, AAA (exquisite) Ammolite gemstones, would feature three or more brilliantly vivid colors with no visible matrix lines. Between 5% and 8% of the Ammolite mined today is only of this grade.

From there, the brilliance may be lower in quality, and matrix lines appear more present as the gemstone ranked from AA (extra fine), A (fine), and Standard. Standard grading will typically only show one or more common colors, primarily green or red, with a less desirable color, pattern, and vibrancy.

Highlighted among the Iniskim collection is an exquisite AAA-grade Ammolite gemstone painting captured through a remarkable collaboration. Depicting Ammolite’s natural beauty and kaleidoscopic colors is a formidable challenge. Amarjeet remarks that few photographers have done justice to this gemstone, let alone painters who can vividly portray its every hue and detail.

Partnering with the acclaimed gemstone artist Angie Crabtree, known for her mastery in portraying gemstone allure, Amarjeet brought this vision to fruition. “Each brushstroke brought the AAA-grade Ammolite to life with unparalleled clarity,” said Amarjeet.

Angie’s choice of gemstone, evocative of butterfly wings, resulted in a masterpiece that surpassed expectations. This inaugural Ammolite painting (a first for Angie and the industry) is a testament to the gemstone’s incomparable beauty and rarity.

Iniskim is proud to showcase the AAA-grade Ammolite gemstone alongside the painting, which has already traveled to U.S., Malaysia, and Singapore exhibitions.

At the core of Iniskim’s vision is community, and it has come full circle since its humble beginnings. The value of community is embedded in the Iniskim logo, symbolizing the collective effort and support that has brought Iniskim to life. This same sense of community drives Amarjeet to bring together the Ammolite industry and leverage its collective platform to the gem world and the greater community.

“Community is at the heart of everything we do. It’s about connecting people, sharing knowledge, and celebrating the unique beauty of Ammolite together,” said Amarjeet.

Iniskim is a proud American Gem Society (AGS) member, offering a gateway for members to explore and appreciate a gemstone still burgeoning in the market.

Amarjeet emphasizes the value of AGS resources in navigating the community effectively. “Networking with AGS members has provided invaluable insights particularly. From attending and speaking at Conclave to utilizing powerful marketing tools such as being featured in Spectra Update, engaging in social media takeovers, and now being featured in the Supplier Spotlight—each opportunity has amplified our presence and deepened connections within the industry.”

She continues, “For Iniskim, this collaboration extends beyond commerce; it’s about illuminating Earth’s natural marvels. It is a privilege to showcase Ammolite and elevate its status as an extraordinary gemstone. Being part of the AGS community is an honor, allowing us to share our journey and the beauty of Ammolite with fellow professionals.”

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