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Spooky Jewelry: No Tricks. All Treats.

By Amanda L. Colborn
Halloween doesn’t have to be all face paint and bobbing for apples—it’s also a chance to explore a whole new realm of fine jewelry—spooky, Halloween jewelry!
If there is any holiday that has a real, dedicated following, it is Halloween! True Halloween enthusiasts don’t just get into the spirit of the season, they live for it.  Because of this, there are  fine jewelry options for those who like their nights scary and their jewelry spooky.   Such pieces can be worn year-round if that is your style, or just brought out to add a little sparkle to your next Halloween party.
In this post, we’re focusing on a few AGS members, who offer beautiful jewelry pieces perfect for the Halloween season or just to add some spook and sparkle to your everyday outfit:

Diamond Snake Ring by Supreme Jewelry
Diamond Snake Ring by Supreme Jewelry

This first piece is a diamond, white and rose gold snake ring by Supreme Jewelry.  Halloween jewelry can be a lot more vast than just ghosts and pumpkins, this beautiful ring is unique because it’s another take on your traditional Halloween spookiness.

Coil Snake Bracelet by John Hardy
Naga Enamel Coil Snake Bracelet by John Hardy

This gorgeous coiled snake bracelet by John Hardy is a “Talisman of Eternal Love, Prosperity and Protection.” These two pieces are perfect for Halloween in that they add just the right amount of creepy which is overpowered by their overall beauty and luxury.  Both of these would perfectly complement your Medusa costume.

Spider Web Necklace by Von Bargens
Spider Web Tie Tack by Von Bargen’s Jewelry

We can’t forget about the creepy crawlers this Halloween! Here is an example of an up-scale take on your classic tie tack with a creepy and free-form web design, this piece is by Von Bargen’s Jewelry.  A tie tack like this would be perfect for your Halloween office attire or a vampire costume for men.

Vamp Flora Diamond Ring by The Inspired Collection
Vamp Flora Diamond Ring by The Inspired Collection
Vamp Flora Diamond Ring Design Showing Blood  Showing Secret Cavity
Vamp Flora Diamond Ring Design Showing Secret Blood Cavity

Last but certainly not least, we have a different take on what it means to be spooky.  These beautiful diamond rings above come to us from the Inspired Collection, they are part of a new vampire-inspired line called the Immortal Collection.  The Immortal Collection of bridal rings are unique in that they all feature a secret cavity within the ring with which to “preserve a single drop of human blood, a symbol of the bride’s prior form.”  The rings also feature sharp thorns like that of a rose “allowing only a true vampire bride to be adorned with such beauty,” according to the Inspired Collection’s website.   Now you can pair your blood-thirsty vampire costume with a real conversation piece!
Spooky jewelry offers you the opportunity to liven up your costume in a fun and festive way or just liven up your everyday wardrobe with a spooky and edgy element.  Explore beyond your comfort-zone and you’re bound to be pleasantly surprised with what spooky jewelry you might discover to add to your collection!