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Pop Quiz: How Much do You Know About Jewelry?

Engagement rings by Ritani.

It’s cold outside. So why not stay inside and keep warm and work your brain a bit. The American Gem Society wants you to test your knowledge of all things jeweled. Celebs like jewelry, royalty likes jewelry, musicians love it so much they put it in songs. We have a passion for gemstone jewelry, as well! Here are five quick quizzes to test your know-how.
The Celebrity Marriages and Jewelry quiz asks the question: “For her second marriage, the style icon was given a $2.6 million engagement ring from her shipping tycoon fiancé. She reportedly only wore the 40-carat diamond ring twice before depositing it into a bank vault.” If you know the answer, that’s great, but if you have a 40-carat diamond ring, that’s even better!
The next quiz is all about the facts: Jewelry Facts, that is. One question asks, “Of the 4Cs, which one affects the value of a diamond by as much as 50%?” The answer may surprise you.

Here’s a question from the Jewelry in Pop Culture quiz: “This 1953 film features Marilyn Monroe’s iconic performance of “Diamond’s Are a Girl’s Best Friend.” Okay, that’s an easy one, right? Right?
The American Gem Society’s Royal Jewelry quiz tests your knowledge of famous gemstone jewelry and current events. Do you know the answer to this question? “In 2014, this Swedish monarch proposed to his beautiful girlfriend of four years by presenting her with a unique Halo ring – a “halo” of smaller diamonds surrounding a larger diamond.”
“Wear them gold and diamond rings. All them things don’t mean a thing. Chaperones and limousines. Shopping for expensive things.” This is a line from a song featured in the Songs About Jewelry quiz. Do you know who sang this? Test your knowledge.

If you select the wrong answer, your selection turns red. If it’s green, you are smart. Take it as many times as you like to score all green, or 100%.
Tell us how you did in the comments below. Have more questions about jewelry? Test our knowledge and ask away!
And if these quizzes have given you the burning desire to look at some jewelry up close and personal, go to Find a Jeweler on the AGS website to find the nearest American Gem Society jeweler!