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Laser Inscription Services

Just as you depend on the AGS Laboratories to give you the highest quality diamond grading reports, you can count on us to give you the highest quality laser inscription services. Using a microlaser beam, the AGS Laboratories can inscribe diamond report serial numbers, company logos, and text messages on the girdle of a diamond. 

The AGS Laboratories laser inscription process is a distinctive one. The AGS Laboratories uses PhotoScribe Laser Technologies® cold lasers, which eliminate the risk of damage to the diamond because these lasers operate at a wavelength that does not penetrate the diamond’s surface. Unlike other lasers that produce a feathering effect or can fracture a diamond, 100% of the AGS Laboratories laser's energy is absorbed by the diamond’s surface during the inscription process. 

Here are a few interesting facts about our laser inscription process: 

  • Laser inscription does not damage the diamond.
  • Laser inscription does not change the Color or Clarity grade of a diamond.
  • Laser inscriptions are microscopic and can be viewed with a jeweler's 10x magnification loupe.
  • Laser inscriptions are permanent, but can be removed by a professional diamond cutter.
  • The AGS Laboratories inscribes messages in English only.
  • For Round Brilliant cut diamonds, the largest area of the girdle is selected for the inscription.

If your diamond has a laser inscription, take special care when handling and caring for it. Preservation of the inscription is of the utmost importance, so proper handling techniques should be followed. Avoid such procedures as stripping, or polishing with a harsh brush embedded with a condensed cell compound, since these methods will wear away the embedded graphite. Instead, try alternative methodslike steam cleaning, mild pickling, polishing with a fine brush, and ultrasonic cleaningto avoid damage or removal of your inscription:

The AGS Laboratories can streamline your diamond grading and laser inscription process by providing superior service in both areas, which makes us the ultimate one-stop laboratory. 

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